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  • Pet Business Features Forza10!

    "Forza10 is introducing its functional dog and cat food to the U.S. market.  The premium pet food company was founded in Italy in 1995. Forza10 off...
  • FORZA10 at Global Pet Expo 2019

    This year we’re at Global Pet Expo again! Three days at the most important pet fair in the world, that will see us gladfully busy...
  • The Food Intolerance Alphabet

    I’ve named it the alphabet of food intolerances and it is the list of pathologies whose causes I managed to trace back to the diet, this thanks to over 40 years experience in the field of food-related pathologies...
  • Otitis in dogs: Remedies for chronic American Cocker Spaniel Otitis

    Otitis in dogs is an inflammation of the dog's ear, provoking itching, pain, earwax production, bad odor and the consequent risk of germ infections, parasites and fungi...
  • Dog Separation Anxiety

    Dog separation anxiety is the most common behavioral disorder along with aggression, and a significant number of dogs suffer from it.
  • The most frequent chronic diseases affecting dogs and cats - The role of contaminants

    The fundamental motive uniting the majority of current chronic or recurrent canine and feline diseases (allergies, inflammation, autoimmune phenomena).
  • Deprivation diets - Food intolerance in dogs and cats

    Allergies and intolerances, a serious health emergency. The most effective approach is still the deprivation diet, allowing us to define their origin.
  • Forza10 dog kibbles to a badger

    FORZA10 Ophtalmic Active dog kibbles were added to Boris’ usual diet. The results surprised us. Boris’ health began to improve...
  • Our kibbles for dogs in a zoo

    Our kibbles for dogs in a zoo: an official project performed in collaboration with major research institutions and universities in Kazakhstan.
  • Legend Digestion: the best dog food for digestive problems

    Are you looking for the best dog food for digestive problems? Legend Digestion is the solution! The ideal food formulated for dogs with a sensitive tummy.