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Things To Know About Your Pet's Allergies

It might sound crazy, but allergy symptoms in cats and dogs are very often overlooked, leading to bigger problems than just an annoying itch.


This is why it becomes very important to:

1. Identify the problem

2. Find the best solution

3. Implement and be consistent


How To Spot It

If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, book an appointment with your preferred veterinarian to get it checked:


1. Itchiness

2. Hives

3. Swelling of the face, ears, lips, eyelids, or earflaps

4. Red, inflamed skin

5. Diarrhea

6. Vomiting

7. Sneezing

8. Itchy ears


How To Fight It

Those of us who have severe problems with our allergies, know that the right diet is the key to help to solve this. 

 And - think about it: if we're so cautious about our health and the way we eat, why not put the same amount of effort to fight food and environmental allergies in your pet, too?

This is when your pet's food is becoming more important than ever, and especially, ingredients it uses.


How To Stay Consistent

- Make sure that you always have healthy food stocked up in your house so that there are no occasional meals that would be harmful to your loved one.

- Remember, even one plate of food with low-quality protein can drag you back to where you started.

- Take a snack for your pet, if you're leaving home so that there's no temptation to get something that wouldn't be as healthy for her.

- Always make sure that your pet gets the right amount of vitamins in their diet.


Below you will find the products of Forza10 that are recommended by veterinarians for those pets with sensitivities and allergy issues.

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