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Otitis in dogs: Remedies for chronic American Cocker Spaniel Otitis

Otitis in dogs is an inflammation of the dog's ear, provoking itching, pain, earwax production, bad odor and the consequent risk of germ infections, parasites and fungi...

American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel was born many years ago as a hunting dog, but has become one of the most beloved pets for the whole family. Its extraordinarily gentle character and very sensitive soul make the cocker an ideal companion for those with children. His innate tolerant and social spirit often keeps him close to other animals: the cocker loves the company of other dogs and often goes looking for them. American Cockers spaniel are eternal puppies, affectionate with everyone and easily trainable, but requiring extreme care and great consistency in teaching fundamental rules.

Otitis in dogs: what is it?

Otitis in dogs is an inflammation of the dog's ear, provoking itching, pain, earwax production, bad odor and the consequent risk of germ infections, parasites and fungi.

Dog Otitis and ear infection in dogs are considered one of the most difficult pathologies every vet has to face. Relapses are common and are frustrating for animals, owners and therapists.

Being characterized by large hairy ears covered by the passage of air, the American Cocker spaniel is a breed predisposed to the formation of ear infections.

But is this normal?

Otitis in dogs: the real cause

Beyond those forms which have always existed, currently the most frequent cause of Otitis is an intolerance to one or more foods. Food intolerance, a continuously increasing issue both in veterinary and human medicine, causes, as the body’s response, inflammation phenomena to the most sensitive part (the target organ).

The inflammation of the target organ is often the only visible manifestation of a phenomenon of food intolerance. If the target organ of intolerance to one or more foods is the ear, the only valid solution to treat Otitis and prevent relapses is a change of diet.

In fact, even a single intake of a food that the body recognizes as toxic will cause an inflammatory process lasting several days. If food continues to be part of the nutrition, the inflammatory process will inevitably become chronic.

Otitis in dogs: the solution

The solution is therefore a change of food, with high quality ingredients, strictly controlled and sourced in uncontaminated places, possibly enriched with botanical extracts.

Even if American Cocker Spaniel have a natural predisposition towards the development of Otitis, if the ear is in physiological balance thanks to the food, the possibility of Otitis formation drastically decreases and consequently the attack by pathogens should not be effective.

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