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"Forza10 is introducing its functional dog and cat food to the U.S. market. 

The premium pet food company was founded in Italy in 1995. Forza10 offers a unique product line made up of both dry and wet varieties of dog and cat food. For example, there are recipes targeting each of the following common dog sensitivities: sensitive skin, sensitive digestion, sensitive ears or those needing extra support with weight management, dental health or anxious behavior. Just like with its dog food, Forza10 also offer recipes specifically made for cats with sensitive skin, sensitive digestion, or those needing extra support with renal or urinary health.

Forza10 offers recipes for over 15 different sensitivities, making clean recipes by leveraging the power of plants and fruit extracts for natural support. The brand’s recipes are free from by-products, corn, wheat, soy and artificial ingredients. Forza10’s ultra-premium recipes are all made in-house in production facilities located in Iceland and Italy.

“While Forza10 is present in over 20 countries worldwide, we are truly very excited to bring our Forza10 recipes to the United States market, where we see an opportunity for our functional food products,” said Leon Srihem, the vice president of Forza10 America."


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