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Rover Reviews lists Forza10 as one of the Best Cat Foods for Kidney Support

Coming to grips with a kidney disease diagnosis for your cat can be tough. Take a deep breath. Keep in mind that when chronic kidney disease is spotted early, your cat may have many more years to enjoy. However, extending their life will require a diet of cat food low in phosphorus.

You’ll find two types of low-phosphorus foods on our list:

  • Prescription veterinary diets with carefully calibrated amounts of phosphorus, sodium, protein, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. These are usually alkaline, rather than acidic, foods.
  • Low phosphorus foods that include premium, natural ingredients but do not claim to address the range of kidney issues that prescription foods are designed to treat.

Forza10 ranks at one of the top foods in this matter with its low ingredient and balanced recipe:

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