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Frequently Asked Questions


No. Forza10 America is the SANYpet – Forza10 branch over the US market.

No. Forza10 is not just a petfood company #factsnotkibbles. The company produces functional diets, formulated to minimize adverse food reactions, which

No. Forza10 is not a multinational enterprise and does not belong to any international group. It is indeed an independent Italian company that exports top quality diets for cats and dogs, all around the world.

Yes. Forza10 is a “young company” founded in 1996 by Dr. Sergio Canello, DVM and expert in food-related pathologies, homeopathy and natural medicine.

Forza10 is an Italian company that produces and markets foods made with the cleanest proteins on Earth combined with the power of plant extracts.

SANYpet is a company that was founded by a veterinarian with the aim not to make simple kibbles, but to pursue a very important mission: the health of dogs and cats through nutrition. To this aim, our company uses clean ingredients and rejects pollutants, like oxytetracycline, the enemy number one of dogs and cats. SANYpet recognizes the power of nature and of herbal extracts, that we exploit through innovative techniques, such as microcapsules and AFS (Active Fresh System).

That’s a very good question! Sergio Canello explains to you why to choose us:

1. Since conventional pet food has led or is leading many of our pets to become ill, all the elements which constitute pet food are put into question: grain, proteins, fats, preservatives, potato, peas, yeast, sunflower oil, barley, beet pulp.

2. If they are all questioned then they clearly play a negative role, but it’s important to understand why the negative reactions to these foods have only emerged during the last 20 to 30 years.

3. I possess a personal experience concerning food-derived diseases spanning over 40 years, and I was fortunate to discover what alters the body’s response to foods which should not cause any problem to animals such as dogs, which have been omnivores for a very long time.

4. The cause is a toxin, present within the bone, which significantly alters the sensitivity of the immune system to foods.

5. The F.D.A. very recently reported that bone and bone-based snacks cause serious problems to dogs and should thus NOT be used;

6. I can proudly state that what I discovered almost 40 years ago is finally being confirmed by the USA’s most important food control body;

7. I will endeavor to inform the F.D.A. concerning all the research work which has been published, in our name, concerning this specific subject;

8. Over 22 years ago, having previously managed a Veterinary clinic for 20 years which was already focused on this new medical concept, I founded a company with a very strong Research & Development team aimed at solving these issues;

9. I had already defined what had to be removed and what had to be added to our pets’ daily diet so as to avoid them from suffering all manner of pathologies;

10. Forza10 diets, available in Italy and Europe since 1995, have always been able to reestablish the immune system’s functions by rapidly removing the body’s exaggerated reactions towards the contact with raw materials which should not have harmful effects. In practice it’s not the foods which are damaging, but the inability of the immune system to manage them normally. This inability is almost always caused by the extreme malicious effect created by toxic Oxytetracycline residues within intensively farmed meat and bone meal, and therefore present in the vast majority of pet foods. I cannot guarantee it, but my goal is to allow your dog to lead a normal life with a normal diet. Please observe the dog’s reactions within the first few days: its behavior will clarify how the situation will evolve.

Dr. Sergio Canello is a veterinarian. He is internationally known to be one of the leading experts in food-related disorders, homeopathy and natural medicine. (To learn more about Sergio Canello click here)

The plant has a certification for its suitability for the production of dietetic and maintenance food, as well as for the the production of organic food (under the control of the C.C.C.B. body). Moreover, it has the complete DNV (ISO 9001:2008) certification for all the production chain, which means quality control and management.

Furthermore, SANYpet has obtained the USDA permit; therefore it is the first European pet food company to be allowed to export its products to the United States.

It means that SANYpet refuses invasive tests on animals. SANYpet does not resort to enclosures, cages or deliberate causation of disorders.

SANYpet is a company that produces and distributes all its products.

The Italian plant is in Bagnoli di Sopra, in the province of Padua.

The true key elements of wellness are clean ingredients, that is why, as well as the plant for dry food and organic food in Italy, SANYpet has two other plants in the pristine Iceland, where wet food and treats are produced.

GMO is an organism, different from a human being, whose gene material was altered in a different way from what nature makes with mating and/or natural gene recombination. Being GMO-free means to reject all that and to use clean and healthy ingredients and raw materials, that are optimal for the health and nutrition of our dogs and cats.

A veterinarian as a founder, clean ingredients, proteins from the untouched New Zealand, the refusal of chemicals and oxytetracycline, the use of herbal extracts, two innovative techniques, social projects… So, ultimately:  #factsnotkibbles.

SANYpet is a company that was founded by Dr. Sergio Canello, an internationally known expert in food-related disorders. He committed fourty years of his life to discorver and treat the real causes of many inflammatory, chronic and autoimmune disorders. His expertise adds to the studies of SANYpet’s Research & Development Department, constantly at work for the wellness of dogs and cats, and to the company’s wide knowledge of herbal extracts, of which Dr Gianandrea Guidetti is one of the leading experts. The cytotoxic effects of oxytetracycline were scientifically proven, showing that it is our pets’ enemy number one, just like the efficiency of FORZA10 foods is demonstrated by clinical and scientific studies. So FORZA10 diets are based on facts.

Clean Ingredients

Because Iceland is the place where nature is still untouched and respected. According to EPI (Enviromental Performance Index), in 2016 Iceland ranks second in the world for the respect of nature and sustainable use of its own resources.

The production chains are traceable and controlled, moreover a national ban on the use of hormones, food additives and antibiotics. (To learn more on Iceland, click here)

The waters of Atlantic Ocean are teeming with fish of high quality and pureness, because of the refusal of intensive farming and the presence of the Gulf Stream, which disperses the pollutants. The presence of many lakes and rivers ensures the same quantity and quality, especially thanks to fishers, whose job is their life. The Icelanders are communing with nature and take care of their resources with love and sustainability. As the Iceland Responsible Fisheries states, fishing is not a way of living, but it is life itself, “sharing the goodness of the wild […] for the benefit of future generation”. (To learn more on Iceland, click here)

Iceland is not only water, icebergs and fish.

Icelandic sheep are an integral part of the population, both for their number and for the tradition. In fact they have been populating the island since when the Norwegian Vikings settled those lands. Chicken and pig farming is carried out in the typical Icelandic farms, whereas sheep and horses are free in the wild, where there is no pollution, and they feed exclusively on plants and grass. Farming is extensive and does not envisage the use of pharmacological substances. (To learn more on Iceland, click here)

They are bodies or parts of bodies of animals or other products obtained from animals and not intended for human consumption. We at SANYpet – FORZA10 do not use by-products, because we think that dogs and cats deserve high quality raw materials and foods. That is why we choose clean ingredients from the untouched Iceland and from the nature of New Zealand, as well as carrying out more than 5,000 controls on raw materials per year.

The decision to internalize all SANYpet production is now a reality. We do everything “at home”, without turning to other producers. The creation of two production units in Iceland, one for wet food and one for snacks, enables us to use raw materials that are unique in the world and surely more wholesome than the ones from Thailand, which supplies nearly all the rest of the world. It follows that nearly all other brands use the same raw material, mixed in different ways. In Iceland, the distance from sources of industrial pollution guarantees that both fish and meat are practically uncontaminated, which is an almost unique situation in the world. The confirmation comes from seeing that, with these raw materials, pets reflourish in a very short time.

We carry out more than 5,000 tests on raw materials per year. More specifically, we perform an analytical control of the batches that we receive daily. This control is performed both inside our company through specific equipments and outside the company, by accredited laboratories. We associate these controls with regular audits (inspections led by external bodies) to our suppliers. Audits consist in the integral control of the production chain, with particular attention to the critical points of the production process that can vary from one raw material to the other. This evaluation is made in the supplier’s unit, both through the documentary check and through the visual inspection of the production process. Not only does this guarantee a constant control on suppliers, but also a high quality standard.

Our Formulations

Today’s eating patterns imply the excessive presence of fatty acids of the Omega6 series. This is harmful, because Omega6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory and promote the exaggerated growth of all cells, especially fat cells, thus becoming one of the less intuitive causes of overweight. Omega6 acids are also the cause of detrimental stiffening of cell membranes, which leads to dislocations, muscle strains, sprains and also to the frequent rupture of ligaments, menisci and intravertebral discs. A diet rich in sea-caught fish, with a rich content of Omega3, that is very concentrated especially in salmons, but in herrings and anchovies too, counterbalances the excess of Omega6. A balanced diet like that is important for the growth of puppies, because it makes it possible the correct musculo-skeletal development, the prevention of inflammatory processes, and an harmonious and balanced development. But that’s not all: fish is low-calorie, makes the coat bright and transforms fat into muscle. How about that?

Dehydrated meat is obtained from fresh chicken meat, through a technologically advanced process that associates heat with pressure. This system is similar to that of a “pressure cooker”, which preserves the nutritional properties in a natural way and in the meanwhile eliminates a large part of the excess fat. At the end of this process, before meat is ground, it is sifted to separate possible residues of bones. Moreover, heat eliminates water, which further concentrates the most noble proteins and the precious essential amino acids of meat.

The use of meat meal is not positive or negative in an absolute sense, because there can be high-quality and poor-quality animal meals. Animal meal is simply a product whose meat and other tissues of animal origin undergo a process of dehydration, degreasing and grinding. The product you obtain has the aspect of flour and the essential nutritional components are concentrated and standardized to meet specific nutritional parameters.

A gluten-free diet is characterized by the absence of grain containing gluten. The foods used as ingredients for that diet are meat and gluten-free grain, such as corn, rice or sorghum.

No. The lines Maintenance and Legend are the optimal continuation to mantain the results obtained with the Active lines and diets.

No, it is not necessary, but in order to obtain the best results, we suggest to use only FORZA10 dry and wet food.

Fish oil is fundamental for the intake of Omega3 and to ensure the best balance with Omega6.

Absolutely not. Correctly, some emphasize that the dental chews present on the market are often composed of starch, which, like sugar, can cause plaque and tartar to develop. But we can explain why feeding your dog FORZA10 Chew poses no risk to his teeth’s’ health.

Is starch harmful?

Starch is not harmful as such, but can be if taken in excess. As with any substance, in fact, it’s always the dose that determines its harm or benefit. Our Chew is a snack and therefore, by definition, an occasional meal. As indicated in the daily ration table it is suggested to not feed your dog more than one a day. Moreover, its processing, which achieves the consistency that distinguishes it, renders the starch less bioavailable.

What are FORZA10 Chews for?

Well the best part is still to come. FORZA10 Chew’s rigid consistency and unique three-dimensional shape, in the form of a fishbone, allow a prolonged mechanical action during the “crunching” phase, which reduces tartar formation and contributes to a correct dental hygiene, as well as offering a gingival massage.

FORZA10 Chew has been designed specifically for oral health, and when integrated within a coordinated FORZA10 diet your dog will enjoy a perfectly healthy mouth. The Chews are also 100% vegetal, highly digestible and fruit flavored, with a dishomogeneous color and irregular appearance caused by applying water vapor rather than chemical solvents after the cooking cycle.

Why do dogs increasingly suffer tartar and plaque problems?

What is clear is that, beyond starch, the oral cavity’s health conditions are decisive in determining whether tartar, plaque and halitosis develop.

But why must we increasingly worry about these problems affecting our dogs? Let’s take a common example: nobody brushes wild animals’ teeth, yet if they suffer no other diseases they have absolutely clean teeth. The reason is simply that they eat what nature has foreseen, with the physiological mechanisms which provide oral hygiene working very well.

Our scientific studies, publicly available on our web site and published in respected international scientific journals, show that generally toxic Oxytetracycline residues, an antibiotic legally used in chicken breeding, are devastating the bacterial flora in general, and often specifically the oral cavity. When the oral cavity’s flora is damaged, one of the consequences is the formation of plaque, tartar and halitosis. Consequently it’s not the starch one needs to worry about.

By eliminating these raw materials, the physiological flora is reformed and is frequently able to reduce plaque, tartar and halitosis.

Is there any scientific groundwork to back this?

Yes, one of our more than 30 researches targeted the oral cavity (“Therapeutic Effectiveness of a Dietary Supplement for Management of Halitosis in Dogs“, Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2015).

This research used a gas chromatograph capable of measuring the presence and intensity of sulfur compounds present in the oral cavity. 32 dogs were selected, all from the same shelter, all affected by plaque, tartar and unbearable halitosis and all fed on a diet based on chicken meat and bone meal.
The alteration of the local physiological bacterial flora is expressed in the presence of sulfur compounds. On applying a specific diet (Forza10 Oral Active) based on the total elimination of all food sources potentially containing Oxytetracycline residues, all subjects showed the reduction, and even disappearance, of halitosis and sulfur compounds; and the dogs’ caretaker was able, with great relief, to remove his gas mask!

Grain Free

A grain-free diet is not a diet without carbohydrates, but without all grains, that are eliminated from the foods.

Honestly, grain-free foods can be successfully used for life. A grain-free formula does not cause any kind of deficiency or disorder. The expression “complete food” means – legislatively – all those elements that meet the minimum requirements for all nutrients: in that sense, a grain-free food can absolutely be considered as a complete food, provided that it respects that condition. A grain-free diet, by excluding grains from its formulation, eliminates potentially allergizing components: if it is true that any substance can turn into an allergen, it was noticed that, statistically speaking, grains can induce the onset of allergies more easily than other substances and, among grains, some are more at risk than others (wheat is more allergizing than corn or rice, for instance). A dog who suffers from grain-related intolerances will surely benefit from a diet like that, that anyway is suitable for the maintenance of pets who have no particular food-related problems too.

Scientific Research

Leading scientific research in the field of dog and cat food means to identify the health-related dangers of eating (and non-eating) disorders, creating suitable formulations, that can preserve and improve the well-being and, if the health condition is not good, making diets that can foster the healing process. Finally, scientific research means constantly evaluating the effectiveness of such formulations. (Click here to learn more).

It is difficult to make a selection, preferring one research to another. Undoubtedly, anyway, the two scientific studies on oxytetracycline, which stress and prove its toxicity and harmful effects on the health of dogs and cats, are among the most important results of SANYpet’s Research & Development Department. The two studies were published on the scientific journals “Poultry Science” and “Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology”. (To learn more and read all the scientific studies, click here)

It is one of SANYpet’s patent. It consists in a heart-shaped tablet that makes it possible to active substances of the Active Line to maintain their effectiveness. (Click here to learn more)

It is one of SANYpet ’s technologies. In the dry and wet foods of the Diet line and in the line of wet foods Actiwet the active principles are contained into small spheres, so that they can maintain their effectiveness. (Click here to learn more).

Nutritional Advice

Yes, the best solution for your pet’s meal is mixing dry and wet food. Dry food has a very high percentage of dry matter (about 90%) and very little water, making both the blood and the lymphatic circulation too dense. Kibbles are not advisable as one and unique meal and, in particular, the cat needs strict indications. (To learn more, read our blog article)

The approximate proportion is 80% of dry food and 20% of wet food, but the dose must be balanced according to the dog’s conditions, so observe and listen to him. (To learn more, read our blog article)

In this case, the diet has no particular requirements compared with other days of the year. When you go on holiday, bring with you the foods that you pet generally eats at home. But what is important is to have a bowl at hand – for instance, there are some foldable in plastic – and some water, so that your dog can drink whenever he needs to soothe the heat, as we do. The only recommendations are to feed your dog a wet and dry diet, so that he will be able to intake more water and foods containing herbal extracts, that will protect him and are unpleasant to parasites.

By referring to the mountain in winter, when the temperature falls, dogs burn more calories and so their diet must be rich in nutrients, to meet the calorie and energy needs. The change of weather, on the other hand, can cause some problems, in particular skin and intestinal disorders. Foods that guarantee the wellness of these parts of the body would be a right choice.

The Paleo diet is similar to the grain-free one. It is the diet that brings us back through time, to the Paleolithic, when man and dog hunted together. It is the wolf’s diet. It is very similar to the grain-free diet, and requires the intake of protein from meat, fats for energy, carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, fibers, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, salts and water.

It is a diet that does not include the consumption of meat, with the exception of fish, preferably cooked and based on oily fish. It cuts out crustaceans and shellfish.

The BARF diet includes raw meat, bones and organs. Like the homemade diet, it must be prepared paying attention that it is best balanced. The proportion of components is almost the same as the homemade diet, with the difference that all ingredients are raw and you have to replace grains / tubers with fruits.

Yes, the chemical residues, among which oxytetracycline, that deposit in the meat from industrial farming, can cause organic changes at various levels, such as to the nervous system and to the delicate balance of neurotransmitters, which potentially leads to behavioral changes.

Yes, that is why we have created FORZA10 Behavioral, a food that helps stabilize the body’s psycho-physical condition, with proven results in anxiety conditions, such as depression for abandonment, aggression for fear, repeated or impulsive behaviors.

It is the diet that you prepare, at home, expressly for your dog and your cat, and not with table scraps. You use boiled meat, poultry meat, oily fish, because it is less fat, and vegetables like carrot, celery, and zucchini. Eggs, oils and carbohydrates are to be used in moderation, whereas dairy products, onion, garlic and leek, sweets and grapes must be avoided.

70-80% meat or fish, 10-15% boiled vegetables, 10-15% grains, but not only. Though it is an excellent diet, you should take into account the remarkable amount of time it needs and moreover it requires appropriate skills to best balance it. This is a complex aspect even for an expert.

Reading Your Dog

Inflammatory disorders should be more correctly defined as defense reactions of the body. They can develop in any organ; it depends only on the sensitivity that varies from one individual to another. The names of all inflammations end by the suffix “-it is”: conjunctivitis, otitis, gingivitis, dermatitis, gastritis, enteritis, colitis and so on. They indicate the process by which the body is engaged to combat and destroy external or internal negative stimuli. Actually, the inflammatory process is the body’s healing process and this is the way all medicine texts define it. It should be compared, in fact, to the incinerator of a town: it is charged with the destruction of waste. Of course, if the production of waste is continuous, the inflammatory process will inevitably become chronic.

Tearing, foul breath, ear infection, itching on the neck and lower back, exaggerated need of grass, fasting night vomiting, flatulence, loose stools or diarrhea, dandruff, redness, paw or anal glands licking, restlessness, anxiety, unmotivated barking. These are the most evident reactions, but disorders, especially inflammatory processes, can develop on any organ.


Organic food, as such, assures a higher naturalness of the raw materials and more controls on the production chain. Though with the legitimate precautions on the whole organic world, products of this kind prove to reduce chemical and pharmacological intolerances in an evident way.

It is a certification issued by a controlling body that ensures that foods are produced in compliance with the strict regulations on organic production and the labeling of organic products, that guarantees controls and quality.

It is a diet that does not consider any supply of meat, fish or other foods of animal origin. Therefore, the basic elements this diet consists of are grains, soy, different vegetables, and extracts of vegetable proteins, oils and fats.

Since the dog is omnivorous, he shows to live well this diet from the psycho-physical point of view. It is particularly suited as an elimination diet for dogs who have developed particular intolerances or sets of problems and need to be fed this kind of diet for a certain lapse of time.

Since the cat is a strict carnivore, the vegan diet must be considered as a complementary diet. So, at least once or twice a week, it must be supplemented with meat to supply the cat with the necessary amount of vitamin D3, carnitine and taurine, that are absent in vegetarian diets. The effects of the lack of these elements, that are essential to a carnivore, develop in a insidious and silent way and when they show up, it could be too late to remedy it.


LEGEND is a functional and grain-free food for dogs of all sizes, for everyday use. It is made with clean ingredients, obtained from biologically pure sources, associated with the proven efficiency of herbal extracts.

At present, it is for dogs only, but the creation of a line for cats is envisaged too.

Legend is an “evolution of maintenance”, that is to say a functional and grain-free food for dogs of all sizes and for everyday use. It has clean ingredients and specific pools of herbal extracts with antioxidant and immunomodulating effects, that are obtained from biologically pure sources.

Absolutely. Legend is a clean and natural diet to prevent skin and gastrointestinal disorders and your dog healthy inside and outside. It is a real nourishment for your dog’s mind, body and soul.

The first ingredient is anchovy meal (26%).

Legend is a line that includes dry and wet food, and snacks, all developed according to the research led by the company’s Research and Development Department. At present, only dry products are available, whereas wet food and snacks, all from the untouched Iceland, will be available from Autumn.

Digestion is efficient both to maintain and/or improve the intestinal digestion and absorption processes and to solve the common intestinal disorders (flatulence, need of grass, night fasting vomiting, variable or constantly loose stools).

Skin instead is particoularly indicated both to maintain and/or improve the brightness of the coat and the health of the skin and to solve the most bothersome skin disorders, like tear stains, foul smell of the skin, intense itching on the neck and/or lower back, dull and dry hair, dandruff, constant loss of hair, disorders of the molt, excessive paw licking and localized redness.

Yes, Legend is an All Breeds item. The size of the kibbles is suitable to all dog sizes and their high palatability convinces even the most demanding dogs.

The available packs of Legends are 3: 5 lbs (2.27 kg), 15 lbs (6.80 kg) and 25 lbs (11.34 kg).

No. Due to its high digestibility and nutritional quality, Legend can be immediately fed to your dog. For best results, it is recommended to avoid traditional treats and to use only Legend dry and wet products and treats.

Legend can be bought at the selected retailers.

For years Americans have been more sensitive than Italians, and more generally to Europeans, to the grain-free issue. That is why our first grain-free line was launched on the US market that, by definition, is readier to accept it. This is the reason why we behaved in an unconventional way, by launching Legend in the USA first.

Plants have a wide variety of active principles that are well known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and their balancing effect on the immune defenses. Phytotherapy is more and more considered as a valid alternative to chemistry, thanks to studies that prove it efficacy and a lower risk of unwanted side effects. The products of LEGEND line contain specific pools of plants that strengthen the defenses of the immune system against common pollutants and promote the solution of your dog’s food-related disorders.

Because all Legend formulations arise from the discovery Sergio Canello – Italian veterinarian who founded SANYpet-FORZA10 – made on the high toxicity of oxytetracycline. It is an antibiotic easily found in bone meal that composes meat meals. Meat meals, in turn, are common components of the most of traditional pet food. (To learn more on oxytetracycline, click here).

The idea that in the wild dogs would not eat plants is an imprecision: if you consider the wolf, you should remind that his prey are typically herbivore animals (deers, fallow deers…) that, after being hunt, are eaten in their entirety, or even starting from the guts, that are obviously rich in herbs and plants from which the wolves will take the active substances contained.

Specifically, our choice to add extracts of oregano, thyme and dandelion is due to their specific properties: oregano has very high quantities of phenols and so it has an antioxidant action and protective properties to the gastrointestinal tract (antiseptic and antispasmodic properties in the first place); thyme has antibacterial and antiseptic properties on the gastrointestinal system and the urinary tract, as well as having a protective action on gums; finally, dandelion can reduce intestinal inflammation and the inulin it contains helps the maintenance and development of positive gut flora.

In Legend Skin we added extracts of dog rose hip, sage and cranberry because they have specific healthy properties: the extract of the hip of dog rose is very rich in vitamin C (even 100 times more than in citrus fruits), polyphenols and bioflavonoids, which are all substances that stimulate the immune defenses and have an antioxidant action; sage has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and it is a strong antioxidant too; finally, cranberry is a “scavenger” of free radicals and combats oxidation in a way that is similar to vitamin C and vitamin E.

Yes. This makes it possible to avoid any possible sensitivity to this element that, as I often notice, is frequently harmful to man too.

A grain-free diet does not imply that it is free from carbohydrates, but it is without all kinds of grain, that are left out from the foods.

The choice to make a grain-free food does not derive from an aversion towards grains, since it was scientifically proven that dogs can digest them without any problems. The enemy number one of SANYpet – FORZA10 is oxytetracycline, an antibiotic that is widely and lawfully used in industrial farming. The grain-free choice is the answer to the research of the perfect formula, the inclusion of that small percentage of dogs who are allergic to a grain and the will to give everybody the possibility to make their choice.

Proteins are from anchovy, organic chicken, potato and pea.

Because proteins are NOT obtained from animals from industrial farming and the ocean oily fish (whole anchovies) is wild caught on the open sea to avoid any possible contamination from environmental pollutants. To find the cleanest proteins, we went the untouched Iceland, where fish live in a true nature reserve. Chicken is used only if it is certified organic or comes from Icelandic extensive farming, where the use of drugs is not necessary. (Click here to learn more)

Yes, Legend contains whole anchovies, wild caught on the open sea to avoid any possible contamination from environmental pollutants.

The fish comes from the untouched waters of Iceland or of the Antarctic side of Peru, natural reserves that ensure quality and healthiness. In Iceland, the marine ecosystem is managed in a responsible way and for Icelanders fish is not only a job, but their life itself. The mass presence of sea-trouts certifies the purity of water, since this fish cannot live in a polluted environment.

Because we want to ensure our cleanest and best-quality fish to our four-legged friends. Anchovies, since they are very small fish that live in surface waters, do not accumulate the dangerous environmental pollutants that stockpile on the seabed, thus avoiding any possible contamination by heavy metals. (Click here to learn more).

Yes, the chicken is used only if it is organic certified or comes from Icelandic extensive farming.

The preservatives we use in our formulations are natural; specifically, we use tocopherol extracts of natural origin that have a very high antioxidant effect. Moreover, we use rosemary. Surprisingly, but not too much, tocopherols and rosemary guarantee a long-lasting and safe preservation.

Legend gathers together a series of extraordinary characteristics, that aim to create the best result for the dog’s health. Legend is without oxytetracycline, has proteins that are NOT obtained from intensively farmed animals, is grain free, gluten free and non-GMO, has sea-caught whole anchovies, the natural action of herbal extracts, the optimal Omega3-Omega6 fatty acids ratio (1:2) and strict and systematic quality control procedures (more than 5,000 controls per year). So Legend is a diet with few ingredients, with a high nutritional value, created to reduce the adverse food-related reactions and maximize the absorption of nutrients. And, moreover, it tastes good. Is it not legendary? Try it and let us know!

Legend is no-GMOs. All the foods of the Legend line are free from genetically modified organisms.

Plants have a wide variety of active principles that are well known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and to improve the immune defenses. Phytotherapy is more and more considered as a valid alternative to chemistry, thanks to studies that prove its efficiency and fewer side effects. The products of LEGEND line contain specific pools of plants that strengthen the defenses of the immune system against the common pollutants and help the solution of your dog’s food-related disorders.


The pool of botanicals in Urinary Active and Renal Active are the same, since both address problems affecting the urinary tract, though in different ways. They are not 100% interchangeable as Renal Active is specific for cats with kidney problems (mainly chronic kidney failure), so it has a lower protein level and a higher energetic content. Urinary Active, on the other hand, is specific for cats with FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease) and/or a tendency to develop struvite stones, so the kibbles are formulated to be able to acidify urine, way more than the Renal kibble.

The main difference, then, lies in the kibble formulation: the botanicals all help kidneys work better and help keeping the environment of the urinary tract in optimal conditions (important things for both kidneys and the lower urinary tract), while kibbles are either lighter on the kidneys or more acidifying on urine.
Renal Active has a slight acidifying effect as well, so in some cases it can be used instead of Urinary, but it has to be evaluated case by case.

Lines And Products

Because the raw materials are high quality and systematically controlled. The only carbohydrate source is rice, whereas the protein source consists in sea-caught fish, with a high content in Omega3, whose balance with Omega6 is fundamental to maintain the physiological well-being. The recapture of a right psycho-physical balance is promoted by an accurate selection of specific herbal extracts, such as valerian, linden, hawthorn and pomegranate.

Up to June 2016, the reviews were posted spontaneously by our satisfied customers, without any certification process, whereas since July 2016 they have been certified by the Feedaty system, which guarantees the authenticity and genuineness of the feedback.

It is very simple: enter the section and fill the form!


Oxytetracycline, an antibiotic that in itself is not harmful, becomes real toxic waste when it deposits in the bones of meat-producing animals where it is lawfully used. As toxic waste, it must be managed through an inflammatory process that, as we have just explained, activates in the most sensitive organ. If the dog’s or the cat’s everyday food contains this waste, the body is forced to react through a chronic inflammatory process. (To learn more on oxytetracycline, click here)

It is the enemy number one of dogs and cats. It is a family of antibiotics that are widely and lawfully used in the intensive farming of meat-producing animals. The residues of oxytetracycline scientifically proved to be toxic and incident to several inflammatory disorders. (To learn more on oxytetracycline, click here)

6-Legged Advices

Yes, many scientific studies and research confirm it. The child is stimulated from many aspects: relational, emotional, psychological and behavioral ones. Dogs and cats stimulate the child’s immune system.

Phyto Superheroes

Link to blog - Phyto Superheroes

Reading The Label

Product name and brand name; a Statement specifying the species name of pet or specialty pet for which the food is intended, conspicuously designated on the principal display panel; quantity statement (net weight, volume or count); guaranteed analysis; ingredient statement; a statement of nutritional adequacy or purpose (if required); feeding directions; batch number and best before date; name and address of the manufacturer or distributor.

When a pet food or specialty pet food enclosed in an outer container or wrapper is intended for retail sale, all required label information shall appear on the outer container or wrapper.

The term “complete feed” refers to the nutrient content of the feed as containing all the nutrients known to be needed for the animal at any stage of life stated. The term “balanced” refers to the energy nutrient ratio of the feed known to be needed at any stage of life stated. Therefore, a claim of “complete and balanced” must have all the nutrients, in proper amount and ratios, relative to the energy content for the stated life stage for which the feed is intended.

It is the total amount of a specific food that is necessary every day on average to a pet of a species, an age category, a lifestyle or activity, in order to meet all his energy and nutritional needs. Any dog or cat food labeled as complete and balanced must provide feeding directions on the product label. These directions should appear prominently on the label and shall be expressed in common terms.

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Struvite is the common name of magnesium ammonium phosphate, a mineral that can form and precipitate in cat urine in particular conditions (pH ≥ 7, high magnesium concentration), developing crystals and, in the long run, urinary stones.

Prevention is often better than cure, that is why some important precautions in your pet’s nutrition can reduce the risk of developing struvite stones.

The bone can be harmful for the health of dogs and cats. The problem is not the bone in itself (with the exception of particular cases, like the bones of chicken that are not recommended as they tend to break into small fragments with sharp edges), but the presence of different chemical and pharmacological residues, first of all oxytetracycline, that Dr. Sergio Canello recognized as the enemy number one of pets’ health.

The first step for a correct oral hygiene is a healthy and balanced diet. Anyway there are other important precautions and specific foods, such as our Mr. Fruit Chew, that helps the teeth cleaning.

NK (Natural Killer) cells, also called NK lymphocytes, are cells of the immune system that are designed to spot and eliminate tumour cells and virus-infected cells.

Omega3 fatty acids are able to make cell membranes elastic, whereas Omega6 tends to stiffen them. So the excess of Omega6, if it is not balanced by Omega3, can predispose to muscle, tendon or joint lesions, or even to delivery problems and cause hemorrhages.

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECGC) is a catechin, one of the most powerful and efficient polyphenol. It has strong antioxidant properties and is abundant in green tea.

When your pet does not eat because he does not feel well, the best thing to do is not to force him to eat, because his body perfectly knows what to do. Fast could be the lesser evil and you should worry according to the number of days your pet spends without eating. In the case of cats, anyway, you should pay more attention, since a prolonged period of anorexia could bring to an accumulation of triglycerides in the liver and trigger a very dangerous condition, that is hepatic lipidosis.

In the most of cases, the excessive growth of puppies is due to an alteration of foods. As a matter of fact, many kibbles are heavily unbalanced with a content of Omega6 that is much higher than Omega3. Moreover, there is the constant risk of oxytetracycline, pets’ enemy number one.

There are numerous causes of diarrhea of puppies and it is important to recognize them. Surely, the most frequent one is food, which can contain harmful

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