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  • ARKTIKA 2.0 – Alexia Elkaim

    There are only two things which can warm you up, in the chill of the Arktika Camp, in northern Finland: the onion soup of grandmother ...
  • ARKTIKA 2.0 – FORZA10 Nutrition

    They will navigate the waters of the Arctic Ocean on a sail boat and reach the North Pole, which they will sail with their sleigh far and wide as ...
  • ARKTIKA 2.0 – Gilles Elkaim

    In the last episode we left you in the shadows of a great forthcoming journey, with an extreme explorer and the woman he loves preparing ...
  • ARKTIKA 2.0 – Prologue

    A man, a woman and seven dogs are preparing to face an extraordinary journey, an exceptional challenge in extreme places, where they can rely on each other and on their own fortitude.