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ARKTIKA 2.0 – FORZA10 Nutrition

They will navigate the waters of the Arctic Ocean on a sail boat and reach the North Pole, which they will sail with their sleigh far and wide as ...

They will navigate the waters of the Arctic Ocean on a sail boat and reach the North Pole, which they will travel far and wide with their sleigh as explorers of the unknown. He's Gilles Elkaim, she is his wife, and they — the sled dogs — are the most faithful of friends and adventure companions.

But you'll have to wait until the next episode before knowing her and them, because today we will talk about those who guarantee the energy to the dogs needed for them to react promptly and overcome easily any danger they may encounter. The dogs’ diet is exclusively FORZA10, accompanied by our snacks, which Gilles uses for emergency situations.

When Gilles Elkaim contacted Dr. Sergio Canello, DVM and founder of SANYpet, the latter immediately became involved in Gilles’ project and his adventure in the name of nature and its preservation, also united by the same love for that being that believes in us since always and forever.

After Gilles’ request to sample the FORZA10 kibble, we shipped him the packages, convinced that Gilles had chosen us. Actually that was not so. Not yet at least.

Gilles secretly sampled other competitors’ diets as well, noting which would enable the best health for his dogs, and the energy needed to face extreme situations. These were factors of vital importance, given the numerous situations in which his safety would be entrusted to the vitality and strength, physical and moral, of his four-legged companions.

We then discovered to have been triumphant in this secret test and to have been chosen not because of our name, but because we won the comparison: facts proved us right. We were chosen by the dogs' run over the snow, by their thick fur against the Nordic cold. Surprise thus gave way to pride.

And there were smiles, too, when we discovered that Gilles tested the goodness of FORZA10 food by tasting it himself.

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