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Dermatitis in dogs: Shar Peis suffering itching and dermatitis

Shar Pei is a dog breed native to China, intrinsically linked to Chinese tradition. This medium-sized dog, with small ears and a short...

Shar Pei dogs

Shar Pei is a dog breed native to China, intrinsically linked to Chinese tradition. This medium-sized dog, with small ears and a short, shaggy coat, is characterized by numerous folds on almost the entire body and in particular on the head, between the eyes and around the withers. Its character is docile and playful.

Dermatitis in dogs and Shar Peis: what is this?

Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin and a process by which the body reacts and tries to restore a normal physiological state. Dermatitis in dogs can occur with redness, itching, crusts, sores, seborrhea and inflammation, resulting in a risk of infection. It is the inflammatory state that constitutes the ideal terrain for the development of infections: in practice, the germs (normally already present) take advantage of the inflammation and reproduce in an abnormal way, taking the upper hand. The infection is thus the effect and not the cause of the problem.

Being characterized by numerous folds on the face and body, the Shar Pei is naturally predisposed to the formation of dermatitis, generating significant itching and redness and thus stimulating the dog to scratch, bite or rub, further worsening the situation.

But is this normal?

Dermatitis in dogs: the real cause

Beyond the forms that have always existed, the currently most frequent cause of dermatitis in dogs is an intolerance to one or more foods. Food intolerances, a constantly increasing pathology both in veterinary and human medicine, cause the organism to respond through inflammation phenomena at the most sensitive part (the target organ).

The inflammation of the target organ is often the only visible manifestation of a food intolerance phenomenon. If this intolerance towards one or more foods targets the skin as its organ, the only valid solution to treat the consequent dermatitis and prevent relapses is changing the food. In fact, even a single intake of a food that the body recognizes as toxic will cause an inflammatory process lasting a few days (on average four or five). If this food continues to be part of nutrition, the inflammatory process will inevitably become chronic.

Dermatitis in dogs: the solution

The solution is therefore to change to a food which is free from pollutants, with clean ingredients and the power offered by botanicals, directly eliminating the cause which is provoking the dermatitis in the first place.

Although Shar Peis have numerous folds, with a natural predisposition towards cutaneous sensitivity, a skin in physiological balance thanks to the nutrition drastically decreases the possibility of dermatitis formation; consequently, the attack by the pathogens should not be effective.

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