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Best dog food for puppies born from large dogs

The correct feeding of puppies from large or giant dogs, which in adult form weigh from 55 to 100lb and above, should add a balanced amount of nutrients...

Feeding and growing large dog species puppies

The correct feeding of puppies from large or giant dogs, which in adult form weigh from 55 to 100lb and above, should add a balanced amount of nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and easily absorbed minerals, without provoking disturbances within the gastrointestinal tract.

Puppies of any breed, and especially large breeds, grow much faster than they should, with a body which at only six months is very similar to that of an adult dog. The real causes of this phenomenon are:

  • The lack, in almost all pet food on the market, of the necessary Omega3 level;
  • Excessive Omega6 levels, due to the use of cereals not suitably balanced to the Omega3 intake (fish and fish oil), causing an abnormal proliferation of all cellular lines, and especially adipose lines;
  • Inflammatory processes in the musculoskeletal system caused by pet food containing toxic pharmacological residues (Oxytetracycline);
  • The inability of the immune system, undermined by the systematic aggression presented by pharmacological residues, to perform fundamental defense mechanism tasks.

All this results in an extreme danger for the musculoskeletal apparatus, laying the foundation for the unquestionable increase in the incidence of osteoarticular pathologies such as osteochondritis dissecans, dysplasia and various defects of the appendix.

The best dog food for puppies born from large dogs

To define the best dog food for puppies it’s essential to identify the correct diet! If the body receives high-calorie foods that far outweigh energy needs and nutritional values, this will develop into excess weight and obesity. This then leads to problems concerning growth and deformation of the bones and joints: for this reason, the diet must ensure a reduced fat content and a balanced dose of calcium and phosphorus. It’s also essential to guarantee a diet with the presence of the most important naturally derived chondroprotectors such as glucosamine and chondroitin; choose a diet with a balanced amount of Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids, fundamental in ensuring a musculoskeletal system balance throughout the adult life-stage; possibly choose foods with fish as the only protein source, ensuring reduced food intolerances, which are very frequent with intensively-farmed meats but objectively infrequent with this protein source.

Chondroitin: curbs the articular cartilage’s degenerative processes. It is tasked with the correct development of the cartilage and synovial fluid, improving its elasticity.

Glucosamine: performs a preventive and adherent function in the treatment of arteries and the reconstruction of joint cartilages, fatally exposed to natural wear and tear.

Omega3 fatty acids: an important ingredient in the puppy's diet, reducing inflammatory reactions in the joints.

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