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The best nutrition for an overweight dog

The first problem concerning an overweight dog is its lack of perception by the owner. Let's discover how we can help our furry friend in order to lose some weight...

The overweight dog

The first problem concerning an overweight dog is its lack of perception by the owner. Since no one is happy to suffer a few extra pounds or to see their little friend breathless during a short walk, and since it’s very difficult to give up on daily eating habits, the first thing to do is not to decrease the amount of daily feeding but rather to focus one’s attention on what exactly you eat yourself and what you feed your pet.

How do you make your little friend lose weight correctly?

It’s now established that it’s not fat reduction that slims, while it’s very effective to replace refined carbohydrates with vegetables and legumes or with whole meal carbohydrates.

The calorie count can remain the same, but because the calories are not all the same and the biological reactions to each differing calorie differ, so knowing which foods, for example, have a low glycemic index, will be an excellent weapon in losing weight without excessive efforts. Quite obviously a dog or cat diet based on brown rice, vegetables, legumes or fruit (all low-index) will most certainly not be well accepted. It will however be sufficient to flavor these foods with boiled fish and add brown rice which is well-cooked but not overcooked (this renders it perfectly useless and unpleasant), all this seasoned with a tablespoon of olive oil.

A piece of advice

FORZA10 Active Weight Control is more than just a dog food, in fact it’s a useful nutritional support to help an overweight dog gradually restore its ideal weight, as well as a particularly useful diet in cases of diabetes mellitus, constipation, metabolic disorders and hyperlipidemia.

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