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The Yukon Quest

The endless Klondike ice, the Yukon River, the dog sledding, the extreme environmental condition … these are the magical ...

The endless Klondike ice, the Yukon River, the dog sledding, the extreme environmental condition … these are the magical ingredients that immediately evoke the “gold rush” in us and in the novels of Jack London.

Instead we are in those places where the nature is still sovereign and the time seems to stand between the glacier and the forest, but here they are also managing the preparation for the Yukon Quest, the historical competition for dog sledding, 1,600km long from Alaska to Canada, along that same “North Road” the gold miners, couriers, and the adventurers travelling along in the late nineteenth century.

The Yukon Quest takes its name from the real “North Road” formed by the Yukon River and the winter route between the gold mines of the Klondike to the internal of Alaska.

Over thirty years ago, four mushers, are called as the legendary sled drivers, sitting around a table of the Bull’s Eye Salon of Fairbanks in Alaska, decided to commemorate the historical route through the ice with a competition that had numerous check-points and the stops of the famous Iditarod. This is where the participants can only count on themselves and where the resistance and survival capacity were crucial and speed is also one of the important determining factor. In 1984, twenty six crews set off for the first Yukon Quest from Fairbanks and the wind could go on for 1600km to cross the finish line in Whitehorse twelve days later.

For a brand like FORZA10, "the power of nature", these competitions already represent the perfect setting to test FORZA10 EXTREME, the product formulated for dogs who need to sustain intense physical exercise or operate in extreme condition such as low temperature, prolonged stress and long run.

In 2005, Lance Mackey won the Yukon Quest as son and brother champions. Lance is the only musher who has made the poker of four wins in a row at the Yukon Quest: 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. Not satisfied just with that, since 2007 he also won the Iditarod for four consecutive years, making him the only musher to win two grueling competitions in the same year, plus improving from time to time his pace in each race.

The 7th of February begins the Yukon Quest 2015. The goal of Lance Mackey is to cross the finish line with all the crew of fourteen healthy and happy dogs. The ethical principles that lies under FORZA10 brand, not to leave anyone behind, is perfectly in tune with the values of the champions; his stubbornness, his love to life which is as much as his love to his dogs. What he loves most in the world of mushing is to see the puppies growing and becoming undisputed champions, because for Lance they have to overtake their limits. With these premises, it was impossible for FORZA10 not to be on his side in this new challenging adventure.

Being partner of this winning musher for Forza10 is much more than a victory, it is pride.

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