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Pet Foods in question

Almost all the elements that make up pet foods are questioned on a daily basis: grain, proteins, fats, preservatives, potatoes, peas, yeast, sunflower oil, barley, beet pulp.

We are questioning pet foods

Almost all the elements that make up pet foods are questioned on a daily basis: grain, proteins, fats, preservatives, potatoes, peas, yeast, sunflower oil, barley, beet pulp.

If they are all questioned they clearly all play a negative role, but I wish to point out that the problem is not the foods but the immune system’s modified capacity to manage them.

Milk as an example

The food that most easily evidences this is milk: generations and generations of people (and even their dogs and cats), up to about 30 years ago, happily drank milk every day for entire life-spans, without experiencing the slightest disturbance. Today most people suffer serious problems with milk, dairy products and cheese. The same goes for pasta and the large number of people who can no longer digest wheat in a normal way.

The real cause of eating disorders

As a Vet, I have a personal experience covering over 40 years concerning food-based pathologies, and I was lucky to discover what alters the body's response to foods which should not cause any problem to animals like dogs, which have been omnivorous for a very long time.

The cause is a toxic residue of Oxytetracycline*, present in the bone of intensively bred chickens and turkeys and which alters, in a profound way, the immune system’s sensitivity to the most diverse pet food.

The FORZA10 formulas and Active line range

The FORZA10 Active formulas, based on clean and complete raw materials and specific pools of botanicals, have been available for more than 22 years to subjects who feed on it to achieve and maintain an excellent state of health. All this without the presence of foods considered dangerous, for example for the glycemic peaks they cause, causing any damage, allowing the immune system and the specific organs to address them without degenerating into disease.

The FORZA10 formulas, offered on the Italian and European markets since 1995, have always been able to restore the immune system’s functions, ensuring exaggerated bodily reactions rapidly disappear when they come into contact with raw materials that should not create harmful effects.

It is not the pet foods which is in question

In practice, it’s not the foods doing the damage, rather the inability of the immune system and the exocrine and endocrine glands to manage them in a normal way. This incapacity almost always derives from the enormous malefic effect of toxic Oxytetracycline residues present in meat-and-bone meal from intensive breeding, and therefore present in the vast majority of pet food. Although I of course cannot guarantee it, my goal is to offer your dog or cat a normal life with a normal diet. Observe the pet's reaction in the early days: its behavior will clarify how the situation will evolve.

This rule can of course not work for everyone, but I am convinced that the concrete possibility that FORZA10 Active diets can free your dearest friend from chronic diseases and their consequences, should lead you to giving our specific diets a try.

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