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The Incredible Journey of Tchilik

After 4 months of wandering and tribulations, Tchilik is back home at Camp Arktika, Finland.

After 4 months of wandering and tribulations, Tchilik is back home at Camp Arktika, Finland.

Gilles Elkaim, testimonial of FORZA10 from 2014, tells us about the incredible Tchilik's journey.

The history of Tchilik begins in May 2006 in Ivalo, Finland. Son of the great master Pouchok and the beautiful Tutsi, Tchilik’s breed is Nenets Laika. Pouchok, his father was an exceptional dog with extraordinary intellectual and physical qualities, one of the best lead dog that one can imagine. We conducted our whole dog crew through the Eurasian Arctic, from North Cape of Norway to the Bering Strait in eastern Siberia for 4 years, between 2000 and 2004. We hadtopped almost every possible difficulty in the Arctic. Pouchok was my child, my best friend, my Master. He died October 6, 2014.

Tchilik has two brothers (Noum and Vandei) and one sister (Pouchette). All except Tchilik are excellent sled dogs. Tchilik is, for some reason, a fearful dog and totally unfit or unsuitable for the art of towing sled! He is content to walk every day with veterans, eating, sleeping and barking to encourage his companions to what he considers slavery.

Jean-Jacques Saget lives in France and fell under the spell of this dreamer. He agreed to give him a new home and a second chance in life. Not to traumatize this sudden change, Noum and Pouchette accompanied him at the end of July 2014. Jean Jacques stopped his vehicle on a rest area in Sweden to feed his new companions when Tchilik suddenly disappears. The Swedish police is alerted and Jean-Jacques spends all night to look for Tchilik, search notices are launched on social networks. Without any success. Tchilik has indeed disappeared. What a bad luck for this poor dog but...

... in a November day Tchilik reappears in the forests of Pello region in Finnish Lapland and on Facebook after his difficult capture. A "wild" dog named for the occasion "Onni" (meaning lucky in Finnish) was sighted near Lake Ruuhijärvi. But Tchilik is smart and does not let him easily approach or baiting. Leo Haari finally manages to capture him with the help of Tuula Taarrimaa who runs a shelter for dogs in the area. Tuula has quickly fell in love with her survivor.

On 29 November, I finally found Tchilik physically healthy. He immediately recognizes me and a spark of hope lights in his eyes. Six hours later Tchilik finds its home, the Camp Arktika and with such a joy!

If only Tchilik could tell us his adventures. But dogs do not care about achievements, reputation and keep modest when they succeed...

Finally Tchilik is not a shameful descent of Pouchok. Besides it has a double page in the columns of Lapland Lapin Kansa newspaper.

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