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The Healthiness of Alternative Meat

One of the healthiest and most popular traditional dietary habits in the Alps...

One of the healthiest and most popular traditional dietary habits in the Alps region is game. Game is appetizing as well as dietetic, has a very low content of fats and cholesterol, is rich in protein and poor in calories. In this context our company plays a fundamental role in the nutrition of cats and dogs, because a large amount of such meat is used in our products, the healthiness of which is granted by us. Indeed the game SANYpet uses, derives from non-intensive free range farming only, that means animals free to roam in the open air on wide areas (hundreds of hectares). Such farming method is called extensive farming. Here animals eat grass, leaves, wild fruits and mushrooms throughout the year. They only get some support during difficult season or bad climatic conditions through natural forage (like weed, healing herb, cereals etc..). In extensive farming medicated forage is not used, whereas it is widely used in intensive farming (beef, chicken, swine). This does not mean that meat must be avoided, but that more attention must be payed to its quality, origin and kind. The safest supply sources are: organic farming units, small farming associations with clear certifications; butchers slaughtering on their own locally farmed animals; local farmers; alternative meat (game, wild boar, venison etc..)

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