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Legend Digestion: the best dog food for digestive problems

Are you looking for the best dog food for digestive problems? Legend Digestion is the solution! The ideal food formulated for dogs with a sensitive tummy.

Dog food for digestive problems

Are you looking for the best dog food for digestive problems? Legend Digestion is the solution, the ideal dog food to solve food intolerances where the gastrointestinal system is the target.

Dog digestive issues, especially acute or chronic diarrhea, an upset stomach, excessive salivation, belching, nocturnal vomiting on empty stomach, gastric swelling, flatulence, intestinal noises, gastritis and a constant desire for grass are a common and very frequent problem. Our clinical studies have shown a close relationship between intolerances, allergies and nutrition.

The cause of many dog digestive problems

Our Research & Development Department was the first worldwide to discover the decisive role, within pet health, of a precise pharmacological residue present within the meat deriving from intensive farming: oxytetracycline. This antibiotic, widely and legally used in the intensive breeding especially of chickens, is demonstrated as a fundamental cause of the most common ailments affecting most of our pets (i.e. food allergies in dogs).

If the intolerance to one or more foods affects the gastrointestinal system as the “target organ”, the only valid solution to treat the consequent digestive problems is changing the food.

That’s why Legend Digestion is the best dog food for digestive problems

The merit lies within a formula with unique characteristics:
  • A complete absence of intensively farmed meat;
  • The use of anchovies caught in the open ocean;
  • Inserting a specific pool of botanicals, with documented proven properties concerning their benefit to the health of the intestinal tract;
  • An ideal balance between Omega3 and Omega6 (1:2);
  • The use of GMO-free and Gluten-free raw materials;
  • A simple formula (Limited Ingredient Diet);
  • Opting for a grain-free formula.

A FORZA10 record

FORZA10 has studied and published numerous scientific articles concerning the mechanisms and actions of botanicals on the immune system, with scientific nutritional research covering more than twenty years. Over 25 researches, published in international scientific journals, attest to the effectiveness of FORZA10 diets concerning food intolerance in dogs, furthermore re-evaluating the role of nutrition in solving problems involving multiple mechanisms including digestive problems.

Try Legend Digestion without any transition period and find out for yourself if it really is the best formula for sensitive tummy and constipation. We have no doubts, the challenge has been launched!

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