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In Search of the Lost Health – A story of an enlightened veterinarian

The 3rd of November, 2016 is a day of great importance ...

The 3rd of November, 2016 is a day of great importance and great pride for #sanypetforza10. It is the release date of Dr. Sergio Canello's biography, veterinary doctor and international expert in food-borne diseases. Narrating it are Edgar Meyer’s words, environmental journalist and editor of the book:

A few years ago he wrote a book, Fido does not trust. How to defend yourself against the crazy little box, which revealed some secrets, most unmentionable, about certain industrial food for dogs and cats. In the same years (and well before!) Sergio Canello, the protagonist of these pages, was investigating firsthand some ailments that beset our pets.

This book narrates in a novel-like style, the life of Sergio Canello: in first place, a holistic veterinarian, taking care of both the physical as well as the mental aspect of each individual pet, then animal nutritionist and finally founder of a pet food company which does not use chemicals or meat from factory farmed animals.

The book - which is not an essay but instead, a tale full of dialogues and scene changes - can be helpful to develop accurate information on the central role which nutrition plays on health. The book can be summarized by the following slogan: nutrition, from top medicine to top poison.

The narrator is a university professor who tells the story, studies and anecdotes of a veterinary surgeon who goes “against the tide.” Through the evolution of the veterinarian’s biography (and directly recounted episodes) shows (and confirms) the role of specific pollutants in the development of dozens of defensive reactions in the bodies of dogs and cats, mistakenly identified as pathologies. What Sergio Canello reveals is yet another poisoned fruit from the intensive livestock farming industry. These intensive animal rearing farms, are concentration camps which need full military bombardments of drugs and antibiotics, not just a horror from an ethical point of view, they are also a danger to the health of domestic animals (and humans).

The book proposes, through the example of a life’s experiences, some avenues to revert to a more “naturalness” of food. Canello tells us, that because the industry has started using chemicals everywhere in order to increase production of raw materials, thus poisoning everything and becoming the sole cause, of the impressive increase in the development of food intolerances and allergies in animals (similarly what is happening to people).

The booklet renders culture and information so light and fun, and it can give the “parents” of the 15 million dogs and cats living in our homes the right information to make informed choices on nutrition.

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