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The dog reproductive system: this unknown

The dog reproductive system apparently seems not too complex: the ovaries produce the eggs, the testicles the sperm; during coupling the sperm...

The dog reproductive system

The dog reproductive system apparently seems not too complex: the ovaries produce the eggs, the testicles the sperm; during coupling the sperm reaches the eggs and fertilizes them, and it’s done, the pregnancy initiates. It all seems simple, but beyond physiological scenarios which can hinder pregnancy (stress, mating at the wrong time, female and / or male reproductive system functional disorders, mechanical problems) we seriously also need to deal with nutritional changes affecting both humans and small animals.

Some problems concerning the dog reproductive system

Both are united by a worrying statistic: over 20% of males and females cannot reproduce. This statistic is quite dramatic, and manifests both serious economic and social consequences. So, what’s going on? Has something changed or has it always been like this? Absolutely not: this phenomenon, along with many others I have described, thanks to some 40 years’ experience, shows no sign of having reached its lowest point. The cause is always the same: environmental and chemical pollution.

It is widely known that the production of sex hormones is easily affected by any type of pollutant with which it is in contact. If the body is then faced with the most terrible obstacle, the usual tetracycline, here we can in large part explain the catastrophic increase in subfertility and infertility, in both humans and pets. It may seem simplistic to define tetracycline as the primary cause of infertility, but the proof comes from the results, obtained on males and females suffering serious problems and already subjected to all sorts of treatment, without success. By simply using healthy and complete raw materials, using two specific phytotherapeutic agents (one for females the other for males) and rebalancing the Omega3 level and its Omega6 ratio, we obtained, during clinical research performed together with two differing universities, a very rapid return to normal reproductive activity in about 90% of the treated subjects. This is an unimaginable result. If we separate male and female problems, and study what happens with breeders, it is clear that the average number of puppies born to females of the most various breeds has decreased by more than 40%. Not only that: many females don’t go into heat at all or do so silently, and if they do go into heat they too often don’t get pregnant; and if they do then get pregnant they too often suffer fetal resorption.

Those animals who do come to birth suffer difficulties with very long periods marked by exaggerated lochiazione (the normal blood loss due to the separation of the placenta from the uterus). The postpartum is then often marked by neonatal deaths and diseases.

In short, a not exactly reassuring scenario.

The solution

And yet, even in this case, the solution is not impossible. Just apply a good mix of what is needed (and here SANYpet - FORZA10 really is a teacher) and you can restore the dog reproductive system to near normality. In males the situation is similar, though much simpler, given that (always lucky!) males need only limit themselves to producing a good sperm and being able to physically mount the female. His job should be limited and even pleasant; but don’t think that the number of males severely deficient in sperm or completely sterile, or who don’t pay attention to females who are eager and ready to mate, is limited.

The problem is serious because if the instinct to mate is lacking, so the species is at risk of extinction. Think also of females who refuse, even aggressively, to coupling, and you can see that we really are facing a grave scenario. Fortunately, even in this case, the solution often exists, and SANYpet-FORZA10 identified it after many years of research. The specific FORZA10 Male and Female Reproduction diets, with an effectiveness proven by two differing Italian Veterinary departments (Naples and Turin) and by extensive clinical trials carried out by specialists in the field, not only offer exceptional short-term results, but also contribute to strengthening the credibility of SANYpet – FORZA10’s Research & Development Department, which quite honestly has nothing to envy from anyone concerning food-based pathologies.

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