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Pet food: Dry, wet or a blend of the two?

You might have not realized that your place is actually used as a restaurant and you are the chef, who prepares the food and...

We are faced with a big dilemma, it has stressed and misled herds of dog lovers and cat lovers: which type of pet food is better dry, wet, or both?

You might have not realized that your place is actually used as a restaurant and you are the chef, who prepares the food and sets the quality and standard of the courses. The customers are the cats and dogs, who in turn have to be pleased with the food quality and the health and safety.

Inasmuch as chef, put yourself facing your job and take every time the easier choice is not enough. But you will need to acquire certain skills and knowledges related to what serving in bowl. How dry and wet pet food is made?

Pet food: Why use Dry Food?

Dry foods are a mix of nutrients, a complete and balanced diet that are easy to use and with a good storability. However they contain a very high percentage of dry substance (about 90%)and short of water, feature that could lead to adverse health consequences in the long term. Dry foods increase thirst but could happen that it won’t able to compensate the amount of liquid needed for a proper functioning of body.

Pet food: Why use Wet Food?

Wet foods are more palatable and desirable also ensuring a high percentage of water which makes them ideal to balance the characteristics of all dry diets. However, not all wet foods are complete and balanced, a part of them are made to be complementary thus they cannot be chosen as exclusive diet.

Pet food: How Can We Mix Dry and Wet Food?

So, you have realized that the best lunch and dinner include a mix of dry and wet food, even if, for cats in particular, any kind of kibbles need to precise indications. However, it poses a problem with the quality of products and the aspect ratio. Using low quality products, any debate to our menu would be senseless.

Any renowned chef should know the ingredients used and making sure of their quality. For this reason SANYpet FORZA10 wants to make a difference using ingredients and clean proteins from Iceland, New Zealand and specific herbal medical to reinforce the defenses of the immune system.

We have to get the ingredients facing a vast offer, both wet and dry food. However the menu is fixed and we must choose it for our pets who cannot choose. How to choose? The best approach is the identification of the producers and thus the origin of the raw materials used in the food. Should to be favored ,as excellent, companies come from Iceland, New Zealand, Alaska and Canada thanks to their clean raw materials, whilst, Australian companies are not excellent enough, because their semi-intensive farming frequently use drugs.

We have reached the operative phase. You wear the hat on the head, you are cooking, even you are creating, a choice dish for your furry guest. You need to combine wet and dry food, but which is the proper ratio? The dosage will be enough empirical: mix the 80% of the dry amount stated on the packaging with a 20% wet. The right amount does not exist, you need just to check if your dog or cat puts on weight, loses weight or reaches the ideal weight and act consequently.

Be careful to not spoil their appetite, but mostly their health, with some unplanned treats. Treats are pleasure parts and prizes for the fidelity of dogs, but they must have the same requisite of health of the dry and wet foods.

The meal is done, served even eaten. How can we judge if our dog or cat appreciated also benefitted of it? The main elements to observe are the hair sheen, clean eyes and ears, solid and compact stool, no presence of itching and chronic or recurrent inflammatory processes.

The Dog is a customer who always pays his bill, with love and gratitude, whilst the cat will be more fussy. However, if you want your restaurant gets good reviews, get busy! Especially for them who deserve it!

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