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Michael Tetzner

Michael Tetzner has been testimonal of FORZA10 from 2007 to April 2014. His victories with FORZA10 ...

Michael Tetzner has been testimonal of FORZA10 from 2007 to April 2014.

His victories with FORZA10 were:

  • 2012 World Champion
  • 2011 Vice world Champion
  • 2010 1° Place Asdra Point Alaska in 8 und open
  • 2010 1° Place Montana Creek Championship in 8 und open

Michael Tetzner, professional dog sledding musher, has competed in more than 150 races including the European and World Championships, finishing in the first three in more than 100 of these. In fact, he is one of the best mushers in his category.

He has also been active, with the Sports Association (DSSV) and the Schleswig-Holstein Mushing Association, in improving the status and popularity of this sport. The special feature of dog sledding is the close relationship between man and animal: Michael cannot even imagine a life without dogs.

His highly qualified Team consists of 40 sled dogs, cared for with loving commitment.

In Norway, Michael Tetzner finds the ideal conditions for his sport, with plenty of snow and uncontaminated natural surroundings, but his dogs’ health is definitely a constant priority. So Michael pays great attention to their daily diet, which must ensure perfect health and excellent muscle and joint function.

We are very proud to have had this great musher in our team. Thanks Michael!

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