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The Italian art of cooking

Renowned chefs, fine restaurants and simple yet delicious dishes, made with few ingredients but of the highest quality, are the...

The Italian art of cooking: Quality

Renowned chefs, fine restaurants and simple yet delicious dishes, made with few ingredients but of the highest quality, are the main features of Italian cuisine, making it famous all over the world and a cause for great pride. We Italians give food the utmost attention and importance, sinking our teeth in the long tradition and variety of our regional dishes, sampling a tastiness that – before becoming a chef’s field – passes by our grandmothers’ kitchen table and their frugal yet expert hands, moving with ease and knowledge from the vegetable garden to the cooking pot.

The Italian art of cooking: why talking about Italian cuisine in this context?

Now, this is definitely the wrong question to ask. The right question is: why don’t we make use of the defining characteristics of Italian cuisine to benefit who live by our side every day, waiting for our cuddles and a sumptuous meal in their bowls?

There’s no reason not to do it. They don’t have a chance to choose, but we do, and we have the moral obligation to choose the best for them, especially when we talk about food, both in terms of healthiness and of tastiness.

For all these reasons we feel we have embraced all the main features of Italian food, making them ours and turning them in the main features of Italian pet food.

The Italian art of cooking: the ingredients

We selected only a fistful of pristine raw ingredients of the highest quality, looking for the best fishes and meats in the uncontaminated seas and pastures of Iceland and New Zealand, where farming is extensive and fish is sea-caught. We have in-depth knowledge of natural elements, plants and extracts, the “superheroes” of our diets that support our immune system and act as antioxidant and detoxifying agents.

The Italian art of cooking: the kitchen

Our production facility in Padua has been realized with the production of organic food in mind and then has been thus certified, and we perform more than 5.000 controls a year on all raw ingredients. Along with the systematic control of all lots of raw materials coming in everyday – that we perform directly in-house with specific instrumentation and through external accredited laboratories – we also carry out audits in our suppliers’ offices. We tried not to forget anyone’s needs and tastes when preparing dinner.

The Italian Art of Cooking: our diets

We developed our Active Line, that beside providing your dog with a complete and balanced diet, contains functional ingredients that help solving all main health problems of dogs and cats and keeping them in perfect shape. Finally, Legend, the evolution of maintenance food, the latest entry in the ranks of SANYpet – FORZA10, completely grain free and with valuable herbal extracts.

At SANYpet – FORZA10 Italian Restaurant everybody’s welcome, because pets are what matter the most, along with health through nutrition.

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