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Icelandic Foods - From the water to the bowl

We told you why we chose Iceland as the source for the ingredients of our diets ...

We told you why we chose Iceland as the source for the ingredients of our diets, and we explained why we established two factories in this Icelandic untouched oasis.

But we haven’t told you yet how the fish jumps out of the water and ends up in your pets’ bowls, realizing the FORZA10 diets. In fact it is crucial that the ultra pure Icelandic fish, as well as the chicken meat and lamb, are preserved, until they reach dogs’ and cats’ stomachs, subsiding their perpetual hunger in a healthy way.

Our Icelandic manufacturing plants have been designed directly by the company, taking advantage of the top technical and scientific acquired conditions, to offer the market a food that fully meets not only the nutritional but also the organoleptic aspect, better yet, it has to be good and indispensably appetizing.

Icelandic foods: from the crystal clear water to our plants

The raw materials, well-preserved thanks to the typical Icelandic temperatures, arriving at our plants after just a few hours of slaughter or processing of the catch, therefore not subject to cycles of freezing and are collected daily and processed. In the time of processing, the temperature of the meat or fish is kept low, at about 3/5° C, guaranteeing the best control of the bacteria and preserving the most of all the nutrients, such as the protein and the fat.

Our food does not suffer from thermal shock process, because it is processed at very low speed by making the raw material a coarse ground, avoiding the heating of the meat that is generated by the high speed of cutting systems, which generate separation of fat and protein degradation. In our process, there are no emulsifiers or mills that make product creams, hiding the quality of the raw materials, ensuring that there is no mechanical stress and the food can preserve the best sensory quality, nutritional and even visual. By treating the raw materials with such preventative measures we need not resort to technology or chemicals, and we can boast the total absence of chemical preservatives, phosphates, dyes, emulsifiers or stabilizers.

Icelandic foods: from the container to the bowl

Once arrived at this point of the process it is important not to waste the loving and strenuous efforts to maintain the quality and safety of the raw materials, so that they continue to exist over time, into your hands and the hungry mouths of your pets.

The food preservation is guaranteed by a careful sterilization of the product with highly innovative technology and, once boxed and closed in airtight containers, it is subjected to a heat treatment where it remains until the optimal sterilization, constantly checking the readings. In this process we guarantee the total reduction of any living bacterial form, preserving at the same time the nutritional and organoleptic properties throughout its life.

Icelandic food: from the bowl to the stomach

This pristine land, where man lives in harmony with nature and pollution is an unknown term, it is undoubtedly the right choice to find and work the best raw materials. The latest “children” of this region are the recent and highly successful wet Legend, the grain-free references that complete the dry food.

You don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to find the cleanest ingredients, we’ve done it for you! You just have the responsibility to choose the best for them.

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