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Iceland – Nature and sustainable energy

We have told you why we chose Iceland to find the ingredients of our diets and we explained why we established two ...

Iceland: Why we've chosen this land

The research for raw materials was spurred from extensive production, far from pollution sources, and found a place where fishing is a reason for living, practiced in a totally sustainable manner. Iceland is a unique island in the world, from the unusual environmental conditions, surrounded and intersected by the purest waters.

Iceland: sustainable energy

This has always been known, but recent news have made a huge impact. Iceland has reached an exemplary milestone: 99.5% of the energy used on the island comes from renewable sources. The Icelandic renewable energy are natural resources that can regenerate at the same speed in which one consumes it, without ever running out. Specifically, this is geothermal and hydropower energy. Something which is unbelievable but true.

Iceland has been able to distribute hot water deriving only from geothermal plants, for heating and for the everyday uses, to all its companies and families, thus rendering it so that there is no need for fossil fuels for such purposes. Due to the Icelanders’ large water resource, which is also incredibly clean and pure, no cleaning treatment is needed before distribution.

Iceland: our products

This news, some already in the public domain, is evidence of our wise choice to travel all the way to Iceland, in search of an uncontaminated land where we could find the cleanest ingredients in the world. And it is because of these reasons, that our two Icelandic factories manufacture, right there, on location, all our wet diets for cats and dogs, including the new wet Legend line.

To find the cleanest ingredients you don’t need to go to the ends of the earth, we've done this for you. Yours is the responsibility to choose the best for them.

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