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The Vet Pills of Sergio Canello

I do believe happy pets make happy families. If you need any specific suggestion about your pet's health you can always count on me!

"Happy Pets Make Happy Families" - Sergio Canello

My name is Sergio Canello DVM, founder of Forza10. For over forty years my personal and professional mission has been studying the relationship between nutrition and the most common disorders that affect pets all around the world, as well as discovering and treating the cause of inflammatory, chronic and autoimmune pet diseases.

Together with my R & D team, working with renowned university institutes and research centers, I have scientifically confirmed that the main causes of pet food-related conditions are due to the negative impact of oxytetracycline, an antibiotic largely and legally used in most commonly farmed animals. This contaminated protein source ends up in many pet foods causing a number of negative health problems.

This is the reason why I have been tirelessly working to create diets with clean proteins sourced from pristine Arctic and Antarctic waters, unspoiled by pollutants and heavy metals as well as from pasture-raised lamb and deer from Iceland and New Zealand, and adding the immune system boosting effects of plant extracts.

If you need any specific suggestion about your pet's health you can always count on me, Dr. Sergio Canello! I will be glad to help you find the right answers for your pet's health. You will also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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