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Gilles Elkaim

Gilles is a reporter of stories and meeting collector, a remarkable storyteller, an extraordinary brainstorming...

Gilles is a reporter of stories and meeting collector, a remarkable storyteller, an extraordinary brainstorming, a person rich of dreams, a traveler hungry of beauty, purity, greatness and integrity.

A nuclear physicist and physics teacher who decided to join the Inuit Community for a year in Greenland in 1984, where he learned the local language, experienced the sleddog, learned the hunting in the extreme frozen condition.

This adventure gave concrete sense to his life and enriched him with the real experience. Then Gilled began his real passion for the Cold North and travelled the world tirelessly to meet the forgotten people. All his expeditions have deeper value than just a competitive spirit. They look like a lot more research in the education, sciences and arts to make everyone understand the real place of human nature.

Being an expert in Siberia where he had ben travelling for ten long years, he also worked as photographer with Sipa and Gamma agency. Spending his time in Lapponia Finland a breeding moment, the only one in the country, dog sled race primitive Siberia, to prevent and preserve its extinction.

Gilles Elkaim is also a musher, diver, caver and also canoe-kayak instructor. He is also author of numerous books and director of documentary film which were recognized in many film festivals. He speaks English, Russian and especially the “dog language”.

After careful evaluation on the leading products in the market, he has chosen FORZA10 to deal with the extreme environmental condition of his dogs, in order to raise the worldwide awareness about the Arctic Ecosystem preservation .

SANYpet is sponsor and official partner of ARKTIKA 2.0, the polar expedition which started in July 2015 and will finish in 2017, expected to be a hard trial as the boat crossing of the Arctic Ocean, 8 months of Polar night and the journey in sleigh, with total autonomy up to the North Pole. A challenging mission that led the explorer to choose to give nutrition not only to the eight dogs but also to his entire team – which consist of 44 sample of Siberian dog breeds, exclusively with the reference of FORZA10 Active to reach the better well being of every dog.

Gilles Elkaim Expedition:

  • 2013: The Northwest Passage aboard “ARTIKA”
  • 2012:Exploration of the East Greenland aboard ‘ARTIKA”
  • 2000-2004: Crossing Arctica-Eurasian. World Prize. Expedition “ARTIKA” from the North Cape to Bering Strait with the distance of 12.000km and 4 years.
  • 1996: Mongolia : Mounting on horseback, camel and bicycle, spent six months in Mongolia.
  • 1990: Greendland: Kayak Alone. Sondre-Stomfjord-Lluissat, 4 months
  • 1984: Greenland: One year in an Inuit Village. Guide Dog Sled


  • 2005: Winner Peter Bird Trophy
  • 2004: Gold Medal of the French Geographical Society
  • 2003: Aventurer of the year in Russia
  • 2000 Winner of the Polartec Challenge 2000 in USA

Watch the presentation of the expedition:


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