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Food Intolerance in Dogs Symptoms

The progressive accumulation in the organism of toxic and harmful substances through the ingestion...

Food Intolerance in Dogs Symptoms: the causes

The progressive accumulation in the organism of toxic and harmful substances through the ingestion of some kind of food causes inflammatory processes, which allow the elimination of such substances (the immune system is not involved). This phenomenon is called dog food intolerance.

Differently to what one may believe, inflammatory states are the main healing process of an organism, which in this way is able to “burn” all toxic and harmful substances. An inflammatory state constitutes the ideal environment for the proliferation of microbial infections, skin parasites, mycosis. Thanks to the comprehensive research activity carried out by SANYpet’s vets, meat from intensive farming has been identified as a major cause for food intolerance; this is due to the antibiotics residues present in intensive farmed animals after they undergo antibiotic treatment (legal) to prevent diseases.

Intestine, skin, ears, stomach, and eyes are the most affected organs by such inflammatory reactions, very common in cats and dogs and often are a frustrating issue to deal with both for vets and for pet owners.

Traditional drug treatments do not focus on the disease’s causes, so they are hardly able to avoid its recurrence. In order to stop “allergic” reactions, a special elimination diet has been created, in which all those elements possibly responsible for bad reactions have been excluded.

Food Intolerance in Dogs Symptoms: treatments

A diet based only on FORZA10 pet food allows no longer the accumulation in the organism of all those toxic substances contained in the meat from intensive farming; such a diet is able to stop local intolerance reactions, commonly affecting the organism’s weakest organs:

- Constant lachrymation, red eyes, chronic and acute conjunctivitis - Dry skin and dull coat - Dandruff, localized hair loss - Skin bad smell - Constant localized itching - Paw licking - Wet or dry dermatitis of the back or ventral - scrotum eczema - Pyoderma - Ear eczema - Chronic otitis - Exaggerated desire for grass - Vomiting on an empty stomach - Borborygmus and flatulence - Perianal glands inflammation - Chronic diarrhoea

The combination of accurately selected natural extracts and the freshest fish work together allow to FORZA10 Active line reducing and treating all food intolerance that occur on a particular system.

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