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Why establish two plants in Iceland?

Iceland, an oasis far from any form of pollution and where two of our company’s factories ...

Iceland, an oasis far from any form of pollution and where two of our company’s factories are located.

SANYpet is a company founded by an Italian veterinarian, Dr. Sergio Canello , who discovered that the presence of a toxic residue of oxytetracycline, an antibiotic ubiquitously used in intensive rearing of animals, is highly toxic to dogs and cats.

Since this toxin accumulates in the bone, and almost all pet food is based on traditional meat flours which consist of at least 25-30% bone, nearly all dogs and cats are in daily contact with this poison that develops dozens of different pathologies, such as, for example: conjunctivitis, otitis, gingivitis, gastritis, enteritis, pyoderma, cystitis, nephritis, etc. It is interesting to note that we are aware of the use of this drug in fish farming, especially in trout and salmon, but we have clinical evidence that, fortunately, in fish this metabolite does not form.

In fact, the solution lies in the replacement of meat from intensive farming with sea fish (but also with organic meat or meat not from intensive animal production) sees the disappearance of diseases without the use of any drug. All this with the added extra fish contribution thanks to its natural richness and benefit from Omega-3. Obviously, you need to take into account the role of the ever-increasing heavy pollutants in the sea (arsenic, mercury and cadmium), but the choice of Iceland as a wet and snack food production site is due to the certainty, gained over time, to be one of the absolutely least polluted environments in the world.

One of the things worth remembering is that this condition, almost unique in the world, is linked to Iceland's characteristic of being bathed by the Gulf’s current, a flow of water that has to traverse the entire Atlantic Ocean, and it arrives on the shores of the island purified from all industrial discharges from the Americas. The proof of that lies in the abundant presence of sea trout, a fish that lives only in pristine environments, and which is a veritable indicator of the state of health of the sea in which it lives. Interestingly, the sea trout often leads to the final consumers and dealers to ask us if we were wrong in selecting this variety of trout. Our project began with establishing necessary installations for the production of cans and mini tubs containing 100% fish or lamb, or pork, or local chicken, and always pure fish and dried similar meat for the production of snacks.

Also note that we have technicians, among them one Icelandic, absolute experts in the construction of plants and aware of the necessary techniques to realize the full wet foods that preserve the organoleptic and biological characteristics of all raw materials.

These facilities, along with the Italian one, which was the first in Europe to be designed specifically for the production of organic food, and the direct contact we made with New Zealand producers of meal deriving from sheep and deer raised in the wild, provide global leadership in matters of food safety.

Dr. Sergio Canello

Forza10 Founder and Head of SANYpet’s Research and Development Department Veterinary surgeon and international expert in food-borne diseases

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