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EGCG - What lies behind the epigallocatechin-3-gallate

This molecule, with such an abstruse and difficult name to remember, is one of the...

EGCG: What's that?

This molecule (EGCG), with such an abstruse and difficult name to remember, is one of the most powerful anti-cancer tools in nature. It is a type of catechin, one of the most powerful and effective polyphenols, present in abundance in green tea. This beneficial beverage is one of the fundamental keys that explain the lower incidence of cancer in Asian populations. In fact, in the East, green tea is drunk many times throughout the day, and surely it isn't a random thing, taking in consideration that Asian cultures have a recognized ability to observe, study and understand the characteristics of various substances that nature has provided to us, to choose the ones that allow us to improve the quality of life as well to prevent and better address disorders.

EGCG: How does it work?

Current science allows us to ever so quickly identify in a scientific manner what principles are responsible for the effectiveness of the various natural substances selected from thousands of years of observations and experience by Asian populations. Regarding green tea specifically, for example, we know EGCG’s exact role in opposing the invasion of cancer cells in healthy tissues. It can slow down and often completely block the growth of new capillaries (angiogenesis) which the tumor, whilst exploiting the inflammation, can induce to feed itself.

Dr. Sergio Canello

Forza10 Founder and Head of SANYpet’s Research and Development Department Veterinary surgeon and international expert in food-borne diseases

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