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Ear infection in dogs: hidden mysteries

The dog's ear seems a trivial organ, all you need to do is go on the internet and you’ll find all sorts of people...

Ear infection in dogs: what people say

The dog's ear seems a trivial organ, all you need to do is go on the internet and you’ll find all sorts of people dishing out supposedly correct advice on the topic, but it’s basically almost all wrong, because they start by not taking into account the extraordinary power of nature which shapes all the organs to adapt to the living conditions of all species. Talking about ear infection in dogs, every time people are faced with a pathology apparently without solutions, all sorts of explanations are mentioned, but they’re all absolutely wrong.

Let's see them one by one.

They say: the dog’s ear is wrongly inclined upwards, thus it causes stagnation of water, wax or pus in cases of infection. Too bad this does not cause any real problems, and all dogs, if an external agent is not to be blamed, are capable of spontaneously eliminating water and healing perfectly well, draining pus and earwax out with natural mechanisms (specifically, the hairs that are seen as a problem, but that, on the contrary, nature has provided to release the ear secretions).

They say: do not wet your dog’s ears because it causes inflammation and infection. Since when?! All dogs that love water and live in marshy or lake areas should suffer from constant ear infections, something that just does not occur. Our dogs, through the shaking of their head, are perfectly able to eliminate any water present in the ear canal. Obviously, if you see that your dog has a negative reaction, avoid water.

They say: there are breeds predisposed to ear infection. This is only partly true. In fact, Labrador Retrievers, famous for their ear infections, if put on a diet of healthy foods, can bid goodbye to all ear infections. Why? Evidently the ear, for this particular breed, is the weakest organ and it is the one which takes charge of the task of "burning" the toxic substances present in most foods.

They say: you should periodically clean a dog’s ears. Wrong! Cleaning only favors irritations and inflammations, creating a vicious cycle: the more you clean, the more wax forms to protect them from mechanical irritation. I can guarantee that in my 30 years of professional life as veterinary doctor, I have seen a few thousand chronic otitis – purulent, with ulcers and fissures – heal perfectly and quickly by simply adjusting the diet and without using any medication. In the 80s and 90s it was not unheard of surgical treatment against otitis, that implied modifying the structure of the auditory canal and even eliminating it entirely! Fortunately, in my professional life I never had to resort to these techniques.

They say: otitis are caused by the ear’s germs, time after time blaming Malassezia or Proteus or Pseudomonas. This is not true! Ear infection is almost never caused by the aforementioned bacteria, on the contrary, it is the ear inflammation that causes their development. The confirmation is very simple: antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs almost NEVER solve ear infection, which recur continually. But this is obvious: to heal, you must eliminate the cause. Chronic ear infection, like most current inflammations, depend almost always on the reaction of the organism to toxic substances present in foods. This reaction will remain continuous so long as the introduction of poisons continues via the food.

Ear infection in dogs: what are the causes?

As you know, I was fortunate enough to identify the mother of all toxins, a residue of oxytetracycline, a widely and legally used antibiotic in intensive farming, and it is present in the bones as well as in the fat of these animals. Already by simply eliminating anything that may contain this toxin, we are witnessing the disappearance of various inflammatory phenomena in a very high percentage of subjects. If then, you rearrange other malign canine nutrition elements and use appropriate antioxidants and natural principles derived from medicinal plants, the cure rate reaches over 90% of cases. Forza10 scientific research, already published, prove it. The rest are represented by pathologies which have always existed, however, a small part of the inflammatory processes that affect all species are due to the food which man has altered in the last 60 years. These species include man, the dog, the cat, farm animals, horses, rabbits, parrots, ferrets, guinea pigs, fish aquariums, farmed fish, zoo and circus animals. All the species which have anything to do with man, are filled with all sorts of diseases! Of course, there are many other diseases, but those at least are not created by man.

Here we talk about inflammatory processes spread everywhere and present for a very important purpose: to destroy (or attempt to do so) all the toxic substances that reach the body with foods altered by intensive rearing and farming.

How can we be surprised by the disproportionate increase of cancer? How can we be astonished by the increase in degenerative diseases, such as: Alzheimer's, senile dementia, autoimmune diseases, the enormous increase in allergies? Is it possible that no one can add two plus two?

Ear infection in dogs: treatment

Concluding with the ear, this important organ is only one of the locations where the body destroys, through the inflammatory process, like an incinerator, various toxins introduced through food. We respect the normal needs of the body, giving our four legged organic food or fish, or at least not derived from intensive farming: you will see them with your own eyes and in a very short time, how they will return to their original state of health without using any, or with minimum medicine use.

It’s enough to let the natural defense mechanisms do the work without allowing them to confront the chemical and pharmacological monsters birthed by man in order to massively increase productions without proper and prolonged checks on their toxic and carcinogenic capabilities. It is true that in his way we can reduce and even eliminate world hunger, but how do we deal with the fact that we are reaching a point where we will have half of the population facing cancer (words of the illustrious oncologist Umberto Veronesi)?

Dr. Sergio Canello

Forza10 Founder and Head of SANYpet’s Research and Development Department Veterinary surgeon and international expert in food-borne diseases

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