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Dogs with upset stomachs - Vomiting on empty stomach

Vomiting on empty stomach, linked to an excessive desire for grass, is considered an irresolvable problem. Here’s how you can make your dog feel better.

What is vomiting?

Vomiting is a natural mechanism by which the body extracts toxic substances, viruses or bacteria that have developed within the gastrointestinal tract. Vomiting is therefore useful, being a mechanism allowing a direct and effective elimination of something toxic; that said it is of course a very annoying symptom for dogs, cats and their owners, or more precisely their carpets and parquet! However, if the vomiting persists, this should be carefully analyzed and appropriately treated by a veterinarian.

Why do many dogs and cats suffer episodes of vomiting on empty stomach?

Vomiting on an empty stomach, often linked to an exaggerated desire for grass with the dog resembling a goat, has a simple motivation: the gastric juices which animals emit during fasting are nothing more than a concentration of toxins to be eliminated as quickly as possible.

What is vomiting on empty stomach or bilious vomiting syndrome in dogs?

Vomiting on an empty stomach, which generally occurs at night or early in the morning, must be endured by dog and cat owners because veterinarians, when subjected to the problem, cannot solve it.

A glimpse into the past

Dr. Sergio Canello, a veterinary surgeon and expert in foodborne pathologies, had already defined nocturnal vomiting as a dog food intolerance symptom within his veterinary practice in the early 1980s. This is evidenced by the magazine “Vet”, with a 1995 issue dedicated to a focus on Dr. Canello.

The cause of vomiting on empty stomach

Vomiting on an empty stomach is considered an idiopathic disorder, i.e. without any known or demonstrable cause. Dr. Canello and the Research & Development Department at SANYpet-FORZA10 have nonetheless identified that the cause is triggered by a specific contaminant present in certain nutritional raw materials. The organism's response to this is very simple and effective, i.e. the expulsion of the contaminant through the gastric juices.

Given the sharp increase in food allergies and intolerances, Dr. Sergio Canello identified intensively farmed meat meal as being responsible for a large number of diseases, this one included, which can affect any organ; this meat meal is the vehicle of oxytetracycline residues, an antibiotic historically used in intensive farming, and the research as to its effects is the common thread that binds all scientific research conducted by FORZA10, with illuminating results.

How should vomiting on empty stomach be treated?

By eliminating the causes, i.e. by changing the diet to a food with high quality ingredients which are strictly controlled and sourced from uncontaminated areas, possibly enriched with botanical substances. And this not only to cure vomiting on an empty stomach, but also other inflammatory processes and removal mechanisms chosen by the organism, including constant lachrymation, diarrhea, dandruff, seborrhea and secretions. This quite simply explains why any pharmacological treatment does not prevent continuous relapses of the symptoms: if the cause is not eliminated, its effects cannot be eliminated.

Food for dog with upset stomach

FORZA10 Legend Digestion Maintenance Evolution is a complete and balanced grain-free dog food formulated for adult dogs. Natural botanical extracts of Dandelion, Oregano and Thyme have been selected due to their benefits regarding the health of the intestinal tract. This grain-free canine formula featuring wild-caught anchovy meal, created by the FORZA10 R&D Department, combines the most advanced pet nutrition know-how with Legend’s nutritional profile of canine ancestral diets.

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