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Dogs on airplanes: tips for a comfortable journey

Should we decide to travel by plane with our dog, the planning can be long and laborious...

Dogs on airplanes: travelling with your dog

Should we decide to travel by plane with our dog, the planning can be long and laborious. We should arm ourselves with patience and be well informed. That's why there is a fundamental question to ask yourself: is it really necessary to bring the dog along or maybe it would best for him to stay behind and take it easy at home?

Dogs and airplanes don’t always agree…. If however, you decide that it is indeed worthwhile to take your dog on the plane, you must move quickly and follow a few important tips. We asked for advice Dr. Sergio Canello, veterinarian, expert in diet-related diseases, homeopathy and natural medicine, founder of SANYpet, manufacturer of expressly formulated diets for food borne diseases.

"If you find that it is worth the effort to travel with your dog, then you’ll need to consult, significantly in advance, the regulations of the country you will be visiting: some countries, have specific laws regarding vaccinations and in some cases even a mandatory quarantine period, all of which should be considered before the ticket purchase! Then the airline instructions should be considered. In general, small dogs may travel in the cabin with the owner in an appropriate pet carrier, while medium or large-sized dogs’ journey takes place in the cargo of the aircraft: make sure that it is pressurized, heated and lit. In all cases the animal must have a passport (or travel papers), it must be placed in a robust carrier, spacious enough to allow Spot to stretch his legs, and out of material and size approved by the airline.

Dogs on airplanes: nutrition tips

In order to best prepare the dog for his flight in a calm and stress-free manner, you will need to get him acquainted with the crate, making him feel comfortable inside of it, well in advance of the travel date. A specific nutritional plan to help particularly anxious subjects in this phase of “training” can also be of great help. For example? Forza10 Behavioral kibbles for dogs, is formulated to promote a calm state in animals. However, do avoid feeding the dog before a flight in order to not incur nausea in the animal. One more thing: place an absorbent cloth on the bottom of the carrier to make it more comfortable. Finally, another precaution should be taken with the help of a pheromones-based spray, which tends to have a soothing and calming effect on dogs.”

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