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Dermatitis in dogs: German Shepherd dermatitis on the back

The skin is one of the most complex and important body’s organs...

Dermatitis in dogs: What’s that?

The skin is one of the most complex and important body parts. It keeps us safe from external elements, and through its pain receptors it warns us if we are getting into contact with itching, toxic, or scalding substances, or if we are injuring ourselves. Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin and it represents a process through which the body reacts and tries to restore a physiological condition. Dermatitis in dogs may occur with hot spots, itching, scabs, seborrhea and inflammation, with a subsequent risk of secundary infections. Inflammation represents indeed the perfect breeding ground for bacterial infections (Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp. and Pseudomonas spp.), parasitic infestations (sarcoptic mange...) and fungal infections (Microsporum canis, Microsporum Gypseum e Trichophyton mentagrophytes).


The real solution against dermatitis can be found not so much in drugs, but in healthy dog food, that aids the body in ridding itself of all those toxic substances that cause dermatitis.

Dogs dermatitis on back: causes and treatment

The correlation between fleas and lumbar itchy dermatitis in dogs is one of the undisputed cornerstones of veterinary dermatology, although lumbar itchy dermatitis can also occur in case of atopic dermatitis (a dermatitis caused by dermal contact or inhalation of allergens).

However, the simple fact that a diet free of oxytetracycline (a broad spectrum antibiotic) regresses symptoms in a few days without tackling the flea problem, must make us think about changing this axiom. Each veterinarian has experienced several cases where pets owners denied the presence of parasites and they couldn't be found during clinical visits either. Such cases were always explained by claiming that one hidden flea is enough to induce a reaction.

Even though the exact mechanism of action of this toxic - and how it relates to this precise array of symptoms (frequently associated to intense itching of the neck area) - isn't yet clear, I think I can solve the symptoms linked to this disorder brilliantly and rapidly. The use of Forza10 Dermo Active - along with a stop in the use of every other food - allows a regression of all the wounds and of the itch within a very short time. Dogs such as German Shepherds and English Bulldogs - the latter being often affected by dermatitis, due to the many wrinkles of their skin in the neck area -will benefit rapidly and significantly from such a change in their diet. Should there be no signs of improvement in the first week, though, could be an indication that other origins need to be investigated.

Dr. Sergio Canello

Forza10 Founder and Head of SANYpet’s Research and Development Department Veterinary surgeon and international expert in food-borne diseases

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