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The chapter of a book dedicated to our diets

From food to health, from our scientific research to your homes, from the bellies of our beloved dogs and cats to the pages in a book.

From food to health, from our scientific research to your homes, from the bellies of our beloved dogs and cats to the pages in a book. FORZA10 diets’ goal is to make each pet’s day a happy one, and recently we had the pleasure of sharing our knowledge and our findings in a publication.

In fact, Dr. Sergio Canello, Dr. Gianandrea Guidetti and Dr. Alessandro Di Cerbo published a chapter titled “Functional pet foods” in the section “Superfood and Functional Food – An Overview and its Utilization to Processed Foods” of the publication INTECH.

Our diets are the main focus, especially those essential to resolve the main inflammatory diseases of dogs and cats.

At the core is our Active Line: the natural alternative to medicines, a diet that can solve all of the main health problems of dogs and cats. All of the benefits of the Active Line can also be found in our Actiwet line, a wet food in the form of a delicious mousse, without giving up a complete and balanced nutrition.

FORZA10 Active Line was born when Dr. Canello’s 40-years of clinical experience met with Dr. Guidetti’s 20-years of studies and research of plants and phytotherapy.

But let’s not forget about Legend, which, after its success in the United States, introducing itself as an innovative diet and an evolution in functional maintenance for adult dogs: grain-free, gluten-free and GMO free!

Our food lines, both functional and maintenance, are established on a sound scientific base as well as numerous publications, which merge the thrill and satisfaction of the chapter, which is dedicated to us and previously mentioned at the start of this article.

Making scientific research about canine and feline nutrition means taking into account and identifying risk factors related or unrelated to food. It also means realizing state of the art recipes to keep and strengthen our pet’s health and, when their very health fails, developing diets that can aid the healing process. Last, but not least, it implies making sure that these formulations actually work.

The people behind all this at SANYpet’s is the R&D Department, a team made up of professionals highly specialized in nutrition and constantly collaborating with important Italian Universities and Research Centers. The result of all this hard work are 14 scientific articles on international scientific journals and many multicenter studies, all focused on SANYpet’s ultimate mission: Health Through Nutrition.

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