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#catPills – History and celebrated purr-sonalities

Have you ever looked at your cat and asked yourself what, exactly, was going through his...

Have you ever looked at your cat and asked yourself what, exactly, was going through his head? Which new plan for world conquest was taking shape behind those enigmatic green eyes? Have you ever wondered how cats became man’s mysterious life companion, bound to us yet always characterized by a noble air of detachment, from everything and everyone?

Or, have you ever found yourselves wondering how your cat, as a couch potato, maybe even a little chubby, manages to perform a stunt worthy of the most experienced acrobats?

If you have identified at least one of these characteristics, this book is for you: #catPills, curiosities and anecdotes to help you get to know your cat a little better and his bizarre ways of interacting with the world.

#1 A cat pharaoh — If your cat had been born in ancient Egypt, it would have been used to protect crops from rats and other pests. Your "Fluffy" would also have been venerated, to his great joy, and mummified after death.

#2 A pharaonic defecation Had he been born in ancient Egypt, he would not have needed a litter box, because all of his surroundings would have been one. Only in 1948 was it discovered that clay was much more absorbent, and so it replaced sand bedding.

#3 Inventions Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door flap. Ah, he also invented the theory of gravity, but this of course you already knew. That's all, nothing else.

#4 Shocking inventions — It was Nikola Tesla’s cat that inspired his reflections on electricity. As a boy he got a shock from his Mačak due to static electricity.

#5 Odi et amo (Lat. - Hate and Love) - President Lincoln loved cats and kept four of them at the White House. Dwight Eisenhower, commander of the U.S. forces during the Second World War however, hated them, as did Hitler.

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