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CAT SENSE: what a enigma! #catpills

Have you ever looked at your cat and asked yourself what, exactly, was going through his head? Which new plan...

Cat sense: what's that?

Have you ever looked at your cat and asked yourself what, exactly, was going through his head? Which new plan for the conquest of the world was taking shape behind those enigmatic green eyes? Have you ever wondered how cats have become mysterious life companions to man, bound to us yet always characterized by a noble air of detachment, from everything and everyone?

Or, have you ever found yourselves wondering how your cat, a couch potato, maybe even a bit chubby, manages to make a stunt worthy of the most experienced acrobat?

If you have identified at least one of these situations, this is the book that's right for you: #catPills, curiosities and anecdotes to help you get to know your cat a little better and his bizarre ways of interacting with the world.

Cat sense: trivia facts!

#1 Cat sense: A perennial diet – Cats can not perceive sweet tastes. In fact, their taste buds are not able to detect sugar.

#2 Cat sense: Two headlights in the night – Cats have a layer behind their retina which is composed of cells that reflect light. This layer thus increases the ability to capture light from the retina, allowing him to see in the dark up to six times better than people.

#3 Cat sense: I heard you, you know! – Cats are able to hear ultrasounds. Coincidentally, mice communicate this way. So, their secrets can’t be hidden from the cat, as he is able to hear them communicating.

#4 Cat sense: Nice mustache, are they in fashion? – Cats use their mustache to figure out when they can or can not creep through an opening. Commonly called mustaches, they are actually whiskers and are innervated, therefore, if cut they would hurt. Besides giving them a sense of their size, they also allow them to feel vibrations in the air, such as those caused by... the movement of mice. Yes, it seems that cats are designed to be terrified of them. Don’t believe us? The leptospirosis, the bacterium which is present in the urine of mice, may infect humans and dogs as well, if the latter come into contact via an open wound, for example, whereas, the cat is immune.

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