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Bloomberg: Italy and Iceland the healthiest countries in the world

Bloomberg has just published the Global Health Index 2017, a list which focuses on...

Bloomberg: Italy and Iceland the healthiest countries in the world

Bloomberg has just published the Global Health Index 2017, a list which focuses on 163 countries in the world measuring the health of their people. All parameters are evaluated because they affect our health, and nutrition and environment are the first ones to be taken into consideration. They are elements that affect the average lifespan, mental health, blood pressure, glycaemia and blood cholesterol, in addition to many other elements which enter that index. Italy tops the list thanks to the quality of our food and our efforts on it. Iceland comes at second place, as one of the most pristine places in the world.

Italy and Iceland for our cats and dogs too!

Bloomberg’s analysis refers to humans, but we can’t avoid thinking of our cats and dogs too, since they share their lives and homes with us, and we choose the food they eat. Those who are part of the Forza10 family and daily choose our diets for their four-legged friends are well aware of the fact that Italy and Iceland are the places we chose to manufacture our diets. The carefully selected raw materials and herbal extracts, our limited ingredients but high quality recipes, and " the Italian art of cooking ”, are what set our “Italian pet food” apart from all the others. The research of clean raw materials, collected from places where Nature is still free from chemical pollution, pushed us to Iceland where we’ve established two production facilities. Today’s news make us proud and satisfied of having chosen the right way, which is the one that leads us to well-being.

Nutrition and the environment, the health way

These days, the world we live in is being increasingly contaminated and we are seeing more food related pathologies, food intolerances, and food allergies that once were not so widespread. Several cats and dogs have to face many disorders during their lives: conjunctivitis, tearing, keratitis, gingivitis, stomatitis and bad breath, tartar, otitis, gastritis, vomit, flatulence, diarrhea, dermatitis, dandruff, smelly skin, itching on the neck or back area, constant hair loss, paw’s licking and several behavioral disorders, all triggered by anxiety.

Bloomberg: Why choose Italy and Iceland?

We chose Italy and Iceland for these reasons. We’ve identified the contamination of food as the first cause of these disorders, as several of our researches show. We can treat and solve these disorders just by changing nutrition and using our Forza10 diets. Knowledge and love in our diets: a know how that comes from scientific research and finds its place in an Italian plant built specifically in order to make organic pet food. Clean Ingredients that come from extensive livestock farming or from uncontaminated places like the island of ice and fire. Because, health is the most important thing.


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