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ARKTIKA 2.0 - Saving Private Gilles!

No, pirates haven’t imprisoned our Gilles in their cargo hold, threatening to throw him into the sea ...

No, pirates haven’t imprisoned our Gilles in their cargo hold, threatening to throw him into the sea from the trampoline of the Alexia ship, as it happened to Wendy on Never Never Neverland. Fortunately, it wasn’t even a hungry bear, to get a hold of him in the wilderness of Svalbard. Despite the risk being real and close.

But what could have happened to our Gilles, the explorer of the North, the ambassador of the Pole, the embodiment of the myth of Nansen, the famous Norwegian explorer?

The navigation of the Arktika seemed to be proceeding as usual, cloaked by the white of the glaciers and accompanied by dogs barking, very healthy thanks to FORZA10 diets and ready to face the polar night and the impending winter: the water was left to overtake and at the same time he continued to precede it, while the white bears sought passage.

When this was, by now, almost a pleasant routine, a helicopter came near the boat, landing in its immediate vicinity. Officers came down and confiscated the documents of the vehicle as well as Gilles’ and Alexia’s passports. They were accused of being in a conservation area without prior authorization.

Gilles had decided to find refuge in the bay due to bad weather and some problems with the engine water pump, interrupting his journey to Franz Josef Land and the New Siberian Islands. His intention was to spend the winter or part of it at Nordaustlandet, one of the islands of Svalbard.

A tug boat arrived to drag away the ship, as they were questioned, and the dogs were not allowed to go ashore.

The adventure Gilles and his wife were on seems to be facing a turning point. To put an end to Gilles’ dreams may not be the sea surging, a ferocious bear or the lack of energy for the forthcoming epic trip, but a simple missing paper. How will it end? Will the adventure continue? Will our hero make it?

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