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Job Title:  Graphic Designer

Job Duties: Design websites and web platforms in line with company's marketing objectives. Create an engaging e-commerce presence for the company, designing branding materials, applications, artworks, and social media content that combine artistic and technical features to promote mass engagement and increase sales. Resolve design problems as they arise. Manage the Social Media of the company on a daily basis. Deploy established technologies to target multiple devices (desktop, tablet, phone). Analyze website and related online data to track trends and usage. Support company's marketing efforts by supplying relevant data from e-commerce. Be in constant communication with customers, promoting the brand and generating sales.

Minimum Requirements:  Must have min A.S degree in Graphic Design that includes study of design for social media using visual planning technologies, automation tools to drive engagement, desktop publishing and graphics editing tools. Must also have min 3 semesters of college level coursework in marketing topics. Must have min 2 months’ work experience or internship with online marketing and graphic design.

To apply, please email us at: