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About Us

Clinical Studies
And Researches

An unwanted guest is stealthily hiding in our pets’ food. Sergio Canello, DVM, founded Forza10 with a clear mission: making a pet food completely free from chemical or pharmacological pollutants, by choosing raw ingredients that are rigorously controlled and are provisioned from the most pristine regions of the planet.

Dr. Sergio Canello

Forza10 was founded following Dr. Sergio Canello incredible discovery: meat and bone meal coming from industrially farmed chickens and turkeys are most often contaminated with a toxic residue derived from the antibiotic oxytetracycline. This antibiotic has almost disappeared from Italian farms, but is still largely and legally used in many other countries in the world.

Dr. Sergio Canello

Adverse food reaction
and the fil rouge

SANYpet R&D Department has always focused on studying adverse food reactions in correlation to the possible presence of pharmacological residues in meat meals coming from industrially farmed animals. In particular, the fil rouge that links every one of our studies is the constant research on the effects that oxytetracycline toxic residues can have on the organism.

food reactions


A significant portion of pet food industry, by using chicken and turkey meal, has unknowingly become the carrier of such residues, thus affecting the lives of dogs and cats without meaning to. Proof to this is the fact that an increasing number of pet owners are abandoning commercial pet food in favor of homemade pet food, by-passing meat meals in doing so.


More than 30
scientific studies

FORZA10 has conducted more than 30 scientific researches in collaboration with Universities, research centres and free-lance veterinarians, publishing them on renowned international scientific journals. By making them freely accessible on its website, FORZA10 made them everyone’s heritage. All these studies are interconnected and aim to prove that by using food realized with clean ingredients, free from this particular pollutant, and enriched with selected botanicals, the majority of clinical manifestations of food allergy or food intolerance naturally disappear.

Scientific researches