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Importance of a nutraceutical diet to improve the quality of life

This clinical case is about a sterilized 10-year-old male Boxer who presented 3 nodular skin lesions at the first visit. The cytological evaluation had confirmed the diagnosis of mast cell tumor while the trichological one had highlighted the presence of fungal spores. The dog was then treated for one month with Griseofulvin and Prednisolone 1 mg / kg plus Hepato 1500 twice a day. After one month, Prednisolone was reduced to 0.75 mg / kg while Griseofulvin and Hepato 1500 were discontinued. After 3 months the IMMUNO Active diet was introduced and a week later the Prednisolone was reduced to 0.60 mg / kg. Two weeks after supplementation with IMMUNO Active, prednisolone was discontinued, the size of the skin lesions was significantly reduced and only the Itroconazole was used.

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