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Forza10 Nutraceutic Active Dermo Dry Dog Food
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Skin and Digestive issues solved

My name is Yadi and I am the proud mother of Gizmo and Ghost, two amazing French bulldogs...

Pet: Dogs

Product: Forza10 Dermo Active - Forza10 Intestinal Active Disorder: skin and digestive isssues Your story: My name is Yadi and I am the proud mother of Gizmo and Ghost, two amazing French bulldogs 2 years old and Ghost 1 year and 9 months.

When we first got Gizmo the breeder had him on Blue Buffalo grain free and suggested we kept him on that due to their sensitive stomach, so we did.

Weeks went by and he started to get bumps on his skin, first one side then the whole body it started to crust and hair fell off, lots of yeast smell and didn't know where to turn. My doctor blamed it on maybe allergies or just problems that come with the breed. The problem came on and off and it was time to get the second puppy. Second puppy (ghost) came with the same set of problems plus massive intestinal problems. A friend recommended Helen at Pet Poodle for daycare and boarding. If anyone knows Helen well they know as soon as you walk in her door she will greet you with 100 questions about the care you are giving your dog and you better listen to her suggestions because she cares about your dog more than she cares about your business.

She suggested to switch food to Forza10, I listened and she told me where to purchase it. Went to Mary's Lb purchased a bag of Dermo and Intestinal and all my problems were solved, coat back to normal full, shiny and a lot less shedding too and the digestive issue also gone with 2 feedings.

Love Forza10 and recommend it every time people see my dogs and ask me what I feed them.

Yadi C.

Yadi C