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Forza10 Nutraceutic Active Dermo Dry Dog Food
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Before and After Dermo Active

It has been 5 weeks since her last shot and so far so good.
Hey, I just have to share with you these amazing results one of my customers has had with Forza10 Active! Donna’s dog Mindy has suffered from terrible skin issues for years. She came to my store in August of last year. She had just started feeding a raw diet from the internet so I asked her to work with me on a trial and error. She did not want to try dry food so I worked with her with raw diets and various canned foods that only contained meat and vitamins as she was nervous about certain carbohydrates. When we tried Rabbit, a protein she had never had, and it didn’t work I finally convinced her to try two things, Cytopoint from her vet to control the itching and Forza10 Dermo. She started the Cytopoint several weeks before adding the Dermo and once she added the Dermo she noticed a difference in her coat within only a few weeks. She has since switched to Behavioral as Mindy has some compulsive issues with licking the floor and her front legs and while that issue hasn’t completely resolved, her coat has transformed! When I felt this dog’s coat before she went on Forza it was thin, nothing but wiry, and her skin was blackish/bright pink, when she brought her back in to show me, her fur was shockingly soft, filled in, and her skin looks normal! Donna says she will be easing off the Cytopoint to see how controlled her itching is. It has been 5 weeks since her last shot and so far so good. Here are some before pictures and her after picture Tiana O. before_after-dermo-active Before picture taken 8/29/17 After picture taken 2/9/18 before_after-dermo-active2 Tiana O