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Forza10 Nutraceutic Active Reproductive Male Diet Dry Dog Food
  • 18lb
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Reproduction Male prevents the castration of a Golden Retriever

Over a year ago I came across the following case: one of my male Golden Retrievers suffered a problem in the scrotal area. Upon verification the following could be excluded: orchitis, oncology and brucellosis. The scrotum changed externally: the size, the skin color and the emergence of numerous ulcers. A series of treatments were administered applying heavy antibiotics, but to no avail. Another scrupulous examination on the part of a highly qualified kennel fertility expert led to the conclusion that this was an allergic food reaction. The consequent immediate question which emerged was choosing the appropriate veterinary line food. My choice was Forza10 REPRODUCTION MALE Active. The result was not long in coming; within a short time the scrotum improved. The most important aspect in this case was that we were able to maintain the reproductive functions of the dog, achieving two litters. And all this taking into account that this dog was of genealogical value and several vets have in such cases not witnessed anything other than castration.

Thanks to Forza10 and PandaExpo, offering us very healthy food with healing properties for our dogs!

David Steinberg