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Forza10 Nutraceutic Active Line OTO Support Diet Dry Dog Food
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Oto Active: Central Asian Shepherd Dog with chronic ear infections

My Central Asian Shepherd Dog (very rare land-race breed) came to me with chronic ear infections...

Pet: dog

Gender: female Disorder: ear infection Product: Oto Active Review My Central Asian Shepherd Dog (very rare land-race breed) came to me with chronic ear infections at almost 6 years of age. After multiple visits over three months at Michigan State University Veterinary Clinic last year, we got one ear cleared up, but the other never cleared. We tried everything. At a dog show in January of 2017, a good friend that I trust suggested I try Forza10 Oto Active, so I did. We started on January 26th and have restricted her intake to just Oto Active since then. Due to the severity of the infection at that time, she needed two rounds of 10 day antibiotics, both oral and topical at first. We are talking puss pouring out of her ear, it was that bad. Now, April 19th, she has been clear of visual and odor indications of infection for some time. Any ear rubbing or head shaking on her part is minimal and when I venture in to clean, all I get is "normal" ear wax and dirt. On Dr. Canello's recommendation, I just ordered my 5th and 6th bags of Oto Active. Each one lasts almost 3 weeks for a 125 pound dog, so this will bring her to about 4.5 months on the "ear infection buster" diet, then we will move to the maintenance diet.

I am not a vet tech or veterinarian, but have owned and loved dogs all of my 59 years. With this in mind, please take my recommendation to review the Forza10USA website. If your dog has an issue for which they have a special formula, try it! The Oto Active product has allowed Spice to finally bond with me! Because I no longer have to torture her ear every day, I am no longer the evil one, just the fun one who walks, feeds and grooms her. Forza10 has allowed her to feel good and enjoy her retirement. Thank you Dr. Canello!

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