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Forza10 Nutraceutic Active Line Behavioral Support Diet Dry Dog Food
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So many excuses, only one answer: Behavioral solves Ice's anxiety

Thanks again for suggesting this food because Ice really feels better now !!! My dog, a Rough Collie, was always very friendly, playful and...

Thanks again for suggesting this food because Ice really feels better now !!!

My dog, a Rough Collie, was always very friendly, playful and slightly fearful. Hoping to help, I turned to several educators / trainers, but the situation actually got much worse. He had become anxious, reacting by escaping with any sound stimulus; and furthermore, after a bad fall in a training camp, he did not want to get into the car, nor did he want to get out again when he’d finally climbed in. I’ve heard all the stories, like for example: "It's a problematic breed", "Who knows how bad this dog’s heritage is", "Having taken it when it was almost six months old what did you expect?", and so on! I've been the guilty party in all sorts of ways. But something didn’t quite sum up: my dog ​​is not a difficult or dangerous breed, he’s from an important bloodline and his parents are balanced and sweet. Every accusation presented a logical answer.

When I was introduced to Forza10 Behavioral I was very skeptical as I‘d already tried three differing supplements which should have helped him but, instead, had done nothing, with one even giving him terrible diarrhea.

Could a food help me? I convinced myself to try only because I’ve already used Forza10 food for many years and I know of this company’s integrity.

Before writing this testimony and verifying the actual change, my dog ateForza10 Behavioral for a few weeks, then suspended it, and now always eats it.

After a week, in line with what I was promised, there was a radical change. The state of anxiety has disappeared, as has the extreme reactivity to external stimuli. Previously he showed discomfort and was impatient when brushed, now it’s become a pleasant moment of pampering. He has always been a boring and lazy dog when eating, yet with Forza10 Behavioral he eats with real appetite. We resumed our long walks and now go everywhere! Now if he meets people and/or children he goes towards them with his tail wagging high and happily accepts a cuddle, whilst previously he’d avoid any meeting. The most beautiful moment was during a walk when he invited me to play together, for months he’d always been looking around, never dropping his attention.

Now I have a dog who’s well, serene and happy ... the basis for moving forward and improving every day.

So once again: thanks Forza10!


Elisa T