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Forza10 Nutraceutic Legend Skin Grain-Free Wild Caught Anchovy Dry Dog Food
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Legend Skin: Leroy story

Leroy Brown was a stray on the streets of Ola, Arkansas...

before and after using forza10 legend BEFORE AFTER

Animal: Dog Disorders: skin disorders Product: Legend Skin Review

This was the picture I saw on Facebook in early October 2016. Leroy Brown was a stray on the streets of Ola, Arkansas. He was bit in the forehead over the summer by a Cotton Mouth snake and as a stray wasn't treated for over a week and almost died. A friendly neighbor saved his life and fed him enough to survive until he had to go into assisted living and couldn't take Leroy with him. Nova Star Rescue who specialized in Pitty rescue was nice enough to promote this boy to help find him a home.

I saw this picture on Facebook on would have been my chocolate lab, Jackson Browns 14th birthday. I lost him to cancer in January of 2016. Something was telling me I needed to save this sweet boy. I committed to transport him to Rhode, get him healthy and find him a new forever family. His first stop was to a vet where he was immediately treated for an eye infection and thank goodness tested negative for mange.

Several weeks later he made the long journey on transport to Rhode Island. The first thing we did was take him to our own vet and put him on a grain free, high protein food. Upon further testing Leroy tested positive for Ehrlichia, Giardia, worms and after being tested negative in Arkansas once and negative in Rhode Island twice was actually heartworm positive. One by one we treated each issue and are halfway through his heartworm treatment but we realized shortly after he got here that he had environmental allergies. He constantly was chewing at his paws and legs. We tried specialty baths, paw soaks, anything we could think of to relieve the itching and dry skin. After trying everything, all the vet had left to recommend was Apoquel.

Leroy quickly wormed his way into our hearts and went from our foster to a foster failure. He permanently joined our family and we knew we had to figure out a way to ease the discomfort he was feeling from the allergies. That's when we heard about Legend Skin formula and decided before Leroy spent the rest of his life of medication we would give it a try. Within a few days, he was noticeably better. He has been on Legend for 2 months now and it has made all the difference in the world. His fur is soft and shiny and his licking and chewing of his paws is 95% gone. I can't believe what a difference this food has made for this sweet boy.

Jay K