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Forza10 Nutraceutic Legend Skin Grain-Free Wild Caught Anchovy Dry Dog Food
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Legend for Skin disorders

Before discovering this pet food my dog was having skin allergies...
Pet: dog Gender: female Disorder: skin disorders Product: Legend Skin Before discovering this pet food my dog was having skin allergies, flea bites causing a red rash on her belly, dandruff, and a very dull coat. She also had an ear infection including red fluids and bad ear smell. On the right corner of her eyes, she had white boogers. I remember her constantly chewing her paws, and rubbing against the wall to scratch herself. But the worst part was her tail and hips where she would chew herself to the point of bleeding. Because of that, she started losing her hair and developing little bulbs on the back of her neck. You could see them from distance and they were very itchy. She was coming to me for help just to scratch her back. She was like that for almost a year (she will be 2 years on June 4th). I discovered the rash of her belly was due to a bacterial infection. I know exactly what it is because I lost my former dog who suffered five times from this. I was trained to avoid foods with too much pea protein, potatoes, and chicken, she started getting better, but all the problems were coming back after a short period of time. The same situation happened when I fed her with Venison and Lamb. That's when I came to the conclusion that the root of her problems has to be the food. So, I started doing my research about dog food and told myself that there must be a better quality pet food product out in the market. That's how I found Forza10! After I took the time to read all the articles and scientific studies from your company, I decided to purchase the Legend-Skin product. Even though this product contains peas, potatoes, and chicken I still gave it a try and ordered the dry and wet food. My dog loved it. She never liked dry kibbles, but these ones she emptied the bowl right away! L.O.L. Even my cats started eating the food. Now, the best part of this story is my dog being clear from any issue after 10 days on the food. She has been on Skin-Legend for 60 days now without any problem. This means no more itchy skin triggering the flea bites, no more bulbs on her back, and no more ear problems. Her belly is nice and pink, she stopped chewing her paws, and the hair started growing again on her tail and hips. Also, her eye boogers are gone, and I am getting compliments all the time about her coat saying is soooooooooooo shiny. People asking me what kind of food do I feed to my dog, I tell them: NONE OF THE FOOD FROM THE STORE Well, now I will say the problem is not the peas, potatoes, or chicken in her food, is what the food is made from. Many people would say their cats or dogs cannot eat this because is made with chicken or peas, this food will not cost any reaction (helped my Lacie - she is an American Staffordshire and this breed is prone to allergies). Thank You very much from button of my heart for this food . I always believe you are what you eat. American market is so cheap when is coming to pet food, companies get the 80% of the protein from rendering facilities(death animals) containing pesticides, fish oil with bootleg DDT, and euthanasia drugs that was given to pets in shelters. All of this goes into the food. No wonder why our pets are getting sick. I was born and grew up in Europe - Poland, we never use any antibiotics or hormones on our animals. There were pasture and grass fed and during the winter hay and straw. I had a 16 years old German Sheppard with vital organs in perfect conditions. His diet was the same as ours and didn't have any health problem. The only thing was he being half blind. Everything was organic and natural. I guess junk food is why American people are struggling with cancer, diabetes, and obesity. I now live in a small town in Ohio State where there are no stores carrying healthy food for pets. And there are so many pets with skin and allergy issues because of the food. If I have more money, I will open my own store and sell this type of dog food to help other pets. I never stop dreaming. Thank you for listening. I hope this helps. Have a pleasant day, Anna and Lacie. Alicia Blanco