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Forza10 Nutraceutic Active Depura Diet Lamb Dry Dog Food
  • 25lb
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Ireland Basinger Baldwin recommends FORZA10

My mom introduced me to this Italian company that she read about and wanted me to try.

The dogs love us without distinction, rich or poor, athletic or lazy, generous or selfish, common people or celebrities. For this reason, they deserve the well-being and our diets are for all who love them. However, when our diets are appreciated by some V.I.P’s, those reviews are significantly taken into considerations. It is the case of Ireland Basinger, Kim Basinger’s and Alec Baldwin’s daughter, who has chosen for her adorable dogs our FORZA10 Depura diet, publishing on her Instagram profile these words* and starting and charitable initiative that we’ve decided to take with her.

The words of Ireland

* “My mom introduced me to this Italian company that she read about and wanted me to try. Forza10 Depura offered healthy pet food that seemed different from the rest. Without reaching out to them or giving my mom feedback, I put my dogs on this diet that claimed to reset the state of health of dogs which had been intoxicated, to a varying degree, by the chemical and pharmacological pollutants present in a good part of the traditional pet foods easily available. Again I don’t post about products that I don’t use myself and back myself 100%…. but this product has completely made a difference in all of my dogs health results and behaviors. They are more active yet calmer, their blood tests and physical exams have all come back as healthy as can be! This product is absolutely incredible and if you are as crazy about your pets as I am, you’ll make the switch too. I spoke with veterinarian and creator of Depura Sergio Canello to come up with a a social media initiative. Every $5 purchased on the Depura website on a 25lb bag of Depura goes to an animal organization I’ve worked closely with for sometime or if you have any specific organizations you work closely with, email me! All you need to do is, when purchasing, insert the code “IRELAND” and this sum will then automatically be donated to the association. Thank you for taking the time and I would love to hear your feedback! If you do purchase a bag, take a photo and use #DepuraxIreland so I can see your happy pet!” Ireland-Basinger-Baldwin-chose-FORZA10
N.B: the initiative that we’ve decided to take with Ireland concerns only the U.S market, but if you’d like to show us your lovable four-legged friends and let know us your (and their) feedback on Depura, we would be truly delighted. Ireland Basinger