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Forza10 Nutraceutic Legend Digestion Wild Caught Anchovy Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
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How to treat diarrhea with Legend Digestion

My Golden Retriever puppy is 5 months old. He weighs 50 pounds.

Pet: dog

Age: 5 months old Disorder: diarrhea Product: Legend Digestion and Intestinal Active Review My Golden Retriever puppy is 5 months old. He weighs 50 pounds. For a month or so, he has been on the Forza digestive food. He was first on the intestinal active and since we now have a hold on his diarrhea, he is on the legend digestion. He is doing very, very, very well on this diet and his stools are nice, formed and firm. He started having digestive issues at about 2 1/2 months through 4 1/2 months. He had a comprehensive stool test which was negative and was treated a few times with Flagyl, panacur (de wormer for possible giardiasis) and Tylan.

Our vet suggested intestinal active until we got a hold on his loose, pudding stools and it worked immediately. The suggestion was to place him on Legend digestion for maintenance. He is doing super well. My vet said keeping him on this is great and he doesn’t need a “puppy’ food because it is usually full of fat and hard to digest which may exacerbate any digestive issues which we have FINALLY, FINALLY solved.

Your product is wonderful and a godsend!


Camila A