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Forza10 Nutraceutic Legend Skin Grain-Free Wild Caught Anchovy Dry Dog Food
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Forza10 Legend: how to feed your Wheaton Terrier

Bogey Pants is my 12-year-old Wheaton Terrier. Not to sound overly sentimental but...
Dog Age: 12 Sex: male Disorder: Skin disorders Review

Bogey Pants is my 12-year-old Wheaton Terrier. Not to sound overly sentimental, but Bogie is my best friend. A true companion. He likes hanging with me unconditionally. My goal.... To become the person Bogie thinks I am. We have four dogs Bogie, Hercules, Pappy & Lilly. They all play an important pice to our family puzzle. But I share a special bond with Bogie. Working in Los Angeles alone, away from my family, I was feeling depressed. My wife Nancy suggested I get a new puppy. I've always wanted a Wheaton Terrier. Bogie was eight weeks old when I got him. The next three months was a comedy of errors. Taking him to the set then back to the hotel after fourteen hour days was a challenge. But that lovable little chap Raveled in the adventure. To this day we remain joined at the hip. Bogie loves being in the car. Now at twelve Bogie slowing down. He's lived healthy life with the exception of his leg injury's. In dog years he's 84. About six years back Bogie develop the skin disease. The vet explained that this was quite common to most dogs cats horse's ect. A food allergy that was producing too much yeast in his system. A black tar like substance that give off a hideous oder covering 70% of his skin. Our Vet explained Bogie's case would be time consuming and expensive to pinpoint the source of his allergies. He never suggested changing Bogie's diet. Easier to put him on antibiotics. We did. His skin began to clean up, but Bogie was not a happy camper he became depressed, lethargic, his coat no longer had that natural sheen . I grew concerned that his time had come.

I was at our local pet store in Hoboken when Mike suggested Forza10, knowing what Bogie was suffering with. We put them on the skin plan. Results were Instantaneous. Within days his skin began clearing up two weeks in Bogie skin was 60% recovered. Even more remarkable his mental state has improved greatly The glow in his coat is back, and he behaves years younger. I am so grateful to find FORZA10 for giving Bogie the quality of life he deserves. All of our dogs are now EATING FORZA 10.


Joe M